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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HouseTalkN's DogTalkN

Two weeks after we bought our house, I surprised my husband with a golden retriever puppy- Shelby.
Over the next 12 years, she welcomed and guarded our four babies. 
She cleaned up the food those babies splattered on the floor, walls, chairs, windows and each other.
She listened patiently while our babies-turned-kiddos poured their hearts out to her. ("Mommy never lets me do anything!")
She was world class shedding champion.
She never judged my slow pace on runs.
She waited up for my mister when he worked the late shift at the newspaper. (I was busy...ahem, sleeping)
She was the heroine of the bedtime stories my husband told our kiddos, "SUPER SHELBY SAVES THE DAY!"
Three years ago today, Shelby died. 
Is it sorta, kinda, maybe just about time to think of getting a new puppy?
I have to admit that most of my concerns are well...about the mess a doggie brings! It has been nice to not battle the tumbleweed of hair, the muddy paw prints, and for the love of all things holy, the poo pick up!
Take a lookiloo at these pups and weigh in- 
Does every house need a pooch?
Our girl, Shelby

                              This cracks me up- RUUUUUUUUN!

Source: via JC on Pinterest

 This is just the kind of thing that would make me nutty...ok, nuttier.
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

But then...just look at that face!

"All our friends are doing it!"  It doesn't help when friends and neighbors are getting sweet puppies!

                                      Remember Jack Sholem?

Weigh in- does your doggie make your house a home or are you grateful for the freedom?

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  1. OMG!! Kerry you sooo need one of those puppies...I understand now why you love the breed! Embrace the love and understanding they bring and know its worth the nose prints, hair parade and muddy feet! Its the gift that keeps on giving! Ha!

  2. Shelby was beautiful. We lost our Bigsby just over two years ago. I still miss him everyday. I personally think that every home should have a pup, but we're waiting until our girls are in grade school to get one (unless I can convince my husband to jump on board sooner). So I say, get a pup. If you're hesitant about the mess of puppyhood, what about going through a Golden Retriever rescue and adopting an adult? Our plan is to go through a rescue to adopt a greyhound.

  3. What a beautiful dog! We have an 11 year old chocolate lab who has been the best dog ever. He never wants to be away from me and believe me, I love it. :) His legs are starting to give out (from chasing balls for too long, I suspect!), but otherwise he's in great shape. After he goes, I'll have to really think of whether or not to get another dog. They are the best, but they are a lot of work, especially when they are puppies. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Ugh, I love my golden. They are totally worth the mess, even though it's hard to tell myself that when I'm cleaning up paw prints and vacuuming up fur tumbleweeds. :) Sounds like you had a great one.

  5. I waited for years to get the English setter I wanted because as a career-focused commuter I felt it wasn't fair to a dog to live my lifestyle of 60-hour weeks.

    When I began working from home on my PhD and consulting practice, I decided to take the plunge. I was clear that I didn't want the mess of a puppy, so I went for a rescue dog.

    Feather is four years old, perfectly trained and the best companion I could hope for.

    During my search, I learned that breed rescue groups not only place abandoned dogs but breeder-owned dogs that need homes because they are not show-quality or for other reasons.

    Adopting a young-adult dog can be the perfect solution.

  6. We have two dogs - Brittneys - which are great with kids. The older, who is almost 13, was brought home when our daughter was 6 months old and my husband was finishing an MBA. Poor Tache probably thought his name was "that ___ dog" for the first year. He's looking his age, God love him. Last week he was acting funny and the thoughts of losing him made me very sad. Do I like having a clean house void of animal hair. Yes, no question. Would it seem really strange without the dogs or our psycho cat? Undoubtedly. It's nice everyone once in a while when my husband is gone hunting and takes one or both dogs with him, but it's good when all come home, including the hubby, safe and sound. Good luck with your decision.

  7. What a beautiful, sweet girl - I can tell that Shelby was a wonderful dog!

    We have a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is just like one of the kids. We found out (clear out of the blue) that he has a bad liver and we are now doing palliative care for him. It has broken our hearts to know that Harry's time with us will be too short. We just can't imagine our family or our house without him.

    So... yes, if you're a dog person I would jump at the chance to welcome a new member into the family!

  8. What a smoochie dog that Shelby must have been, Kerry. I'm so glad you asked this question after we got our dog back from a 3 week boot camp. Now I say yes and amen - dogs make a family complete. Before the doggy boot camp, I would have been ready to send him to you for Christmas. Naw, our Foxy Roxy (Rocket) is precious, but was a barker (and since he is a German Shepherd, his teeth showing seemed to terrorize the neighbors). Now there is no more bad behavior and I can walk him everywhere. Couldn't imagine our family without him.

    Are you thinking about another pup? Possibly for Christmas? :)

    xoxo michele

  9. Shelby was a beautiful girl. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. We were a 1 dog house for over 6 years but since we added to our family, I would never have it any other way. I love the insanity. Yes, it means I have to clean more often (okay, I clean constantly) and I may need to have some blankets over the couches but the laughs they induce and the cuddles I get from them makes it all worth while.

  10. miss shelby was a beauty :)
    I liked this story :)

    I 100% think that every house needs a pooch.
    I love my poochy, even though he can be quite the handful, and he can cause quite an inconvenience.
    (ie: driving 16 hours cross country to take him home to my parent's house because he can't come stay at our hotel on post and I don't want him to be put up in a kennel... yeah that one is prob a little bit my overbearing fur- mommy fault. hehe)

    but anyway, back to the subject. I love my poochy.
    my house just wouldn't be a home without him!!

    I say get a new puppy :) I think shelby would agree :)


  11. Shelby was beautiful ... I too have a huge hairy dog, she is almost 11 year old. I cannot imagine my life without her and all she has given me.

    Bring on the hair and the dribble (even the poos) for the unconditional love is worth every second of the clean up.

    Love all your photos ... enjoy finding your new family member, Lisa

  12. We just got our first family dog. I haven't owned one since I was a teenager and that was decades ago. We got a 5 year old Golden and she is the best dog ever. We've only had her 3 weeks as she is already such a part of our family. I love that we found a rescue dog who was already trained. Even my hubby who never wanted a dog just adores her. Love having a dog. You definitely need to get another one.

  13. Awwww, she is gorgeous. The past 5 years I have not had a dog but succumed recently feeling a bit low with a lot of family illness going on around me. I bought a little schnoodle three weeks ago, I have named her Poppy. Her mum is a miniature Schnauzer and her dad a "toy" Poodle so she will be small. I have always had big dogs in the past. my boys grew up with our standard poodle Zico, then we had Jazz then when we were living in Brunei, Borneo we adopted a street dog who was the most loving and well behaved dog I had ever owned.

    I am hoping Poppy will fill my life with love and happiness, she is a little delight.


  14. I think its time. Shelby would want you to share your love with another puppy just as you shared it with her. Best of luck finding your new puppy!

  15. We haven't had a dog in many years, and we miss having a dog. Once in awhile we dog sit and love every minute.

  16. Definitely a home w/a dog. Always a smile to greet you and unconditional love. Time for a puppy or rescue :->

  17. A house is not a home without a dog. Love me love my dog, as I say.
    The dog hair, the chewing, the's all worth it. He's part of the family.

  18. Oh, Kerry, That face!!!!!
    We always have three (or four) so that if one goes to the vet, or elsewhere, there are still two at home to keep each other company. They get into less trouble that way!
    What about a grown dog instead of a puppy? Yes, puppies are so cute, but you can avoid the chewing and housebreaking by adopting an older dog- and they reward you many times over! Happy Thanksgiving- Janet

  19. When our last child left for college, 2 weeks later our dog died. Talk about being lonely! I couldn't deal with another we got a 6 year old golden through a rescue. Perfect dog. No chewing, counter surfing, barking, and most important potty in the house! Who ever had him before us did a great job. Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. beloved Bullet passed away in April '10. In July of '10 we got a puppy. Bullet was the best dog EVER....and Toby...he is the opposite!! Take your time deciding...and do background checks on the breeders....

  21. We lost our latest dog this past December after a wonderful 12 year run, but......I know my husband misses him so much but we are in the process of puting our house of 35 years, and very big, on the market in the spring and going to a condo. Very few condos allow dogs so we are probably going to have to live without one. These past 11 months have been the longest we have lived without a dog in 34 years. But I do not miss the dirt, mess and worry of having a large dog. It is really a mixed bag, if you are staying put get one, I know my husband would love one.

  22. OMGoodness Kerry as an owner of 2 Goldens (a Daddy and his daughter - we lost the Momma dog, Karma this past summer), I could NEVER imagine my home without a Golden. Although all the frustration they bring, the love they offer SO out weighs it all. I would gladly take all the frustration to have my sweet Karma back.

  23. How about adopting an adult dog that will not make as much of a mess or need as much training as a puppy? Think of rescuing one from the Humane Society and making a new best friend while changing its life. There's nothing like walking through the door after a long day and being met by a pet that can't imagine anything more wonderful than you coming home.

  24. Oh, wow, I haven't not had a pet in...well, ever! From the day I was born. I will admit though, when my Murphy is gone I don't think I will have a big dog. My small ones are just so much more portable.....
    If you are even thinking about it then I say YES, you should!

  25. How adorable those pictures are! I vote for getting another dog! We are actually getting a Golden puppy in February. (The litter is due in December) and we cannot wait! My inlaws have always had Goldens and my kids just love them. We haven't had our own pet so we decided to go with the messiest, most shedding kind! But I think it is so important for my kids to grow up with a dog and we all love Goldens despite the mess we know we, (I) will be dealing with! I look forward to hearing your decision and I am now following you. We will have to compare notes if you get one! Good luck!

  26. My hubs was NOT a dog guy until I talked him into letting me try to get a standard poodle (great temperament and I'm not allergic) from a pound/rescue to help our 2 yr.old w/autism bond. I got a 12 y.o. half deaf, half blind love. Hubs made sure we got a puppy before Boo died and we've had at least 2 at a time for 24 yrs.! I'll get them on my blog soon. Currently we have 3 big dogs! Janet

  27. Kerry, I would say go for it. My husband (who I think is going through his mid-life-crisis)just got a Terrier mix from a shelter just before Thanksgiving and he already has our hearts wrapped around his little paw. We've always had very large outside dogs in the past. Although I'm more of a cat person myself, I currently have two Bombay's. But, I must say I'm glad that he has become part of our family.

    Good luck on your decision.


  28. Beautiful capture of Shelby. After being animal free for years and after our girls became a little older, we rescued a pup. She is now 2 years old and the way she loves and protects not only the family as a whole but especially "her girls", I wouldn't trade her for anything. Even though sometimes she drives me crazy, I could not image not having her with us. And if that wasn't enough, we adopted a kitten 5 months ago. They are now the best of friends and I enjoy the furry companionship of them both on the nights when hubby is away. I say follow your heart. You will know the right time to bring another pup into your home :)

  29. What a bunch of adorable pictures (I love the wet puppy pic). I think you should have another one. Dogs are such loving animals and since the day I had my first dog, I know for sure that I want to always have one.

    Visiting from The Simple Things.

  30. Wouldn't be without one and I go insane over the mess, lol. We have two furry guys right now (and three cats, me nuts) but I can't imagine life without them.

  31. you MUST get a pup - if you're not up for cleaning up messes, how about a house trained mature pet? There are plenty of them at the shelter just waiting for a wonderful home...please, please, please, save a life!

  32. you MUST get a pup - if you're not up for cleaning up messes, how about a house trained mature pet? There are plenty of them at the shelter just waiting for a wonderful home...please, please, please, save a life!


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