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Friday, November 25, 2011

"It's Bone China, Dear."

You might remember my long love affair with blackberries. (Blackberries and Clothespins) These Roy Kirkham "Summer Fruits" mugs and bowl were wedding gifts that I loved as soon as I saw the blackberry pattern! 
"They are perfect! I looooove blackberries!" This was apparently akin to "Yeehaw, I can keep my fishin' bait in these here cups!"
The gift giver quickly offered, "It's bone china, Dear." 
I just found these in the back of a cupboard and again thought, "I LOVE BLACKBERRIES!" Oops, I mean "I adore fine bone china."


  1. Love them! Thought of you tonight when hubby and I watched one of my fave holiday movies, "The Family Stone". I'm sure you have featured the house before - can we talk about that house? I kept pausing the movie so often that even my hubby was annoyed. But, omg, the house!

    xoxo michele

  2. Very pretty! We should all get those wedding gifts out and enjoy them!

  3. Lol, I think I have a lot of other people's wedding gifts at my house. Its amazing what people will donate to the thrift store.....
    I have a darling berry dish, its not bone china but it is a cute ceramic bowl with a picture of berries in it and a bunch of holes in the bottom. A little mini colander.

  4. I have six ramekins in a very similar berry design. There are only the three berries against 3 leaves -- like on your pot lid. And mine says "Royal Worcester fine porcelain" on the bottom. They must be cousins!


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