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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photography Challenge, "Shoes I'm Wearing"

My entry should be titled "Shoes I Shouldn't Be Wearing!"

I love these shoes. They are fun and jazzy and cheery and well, it's sad how much I love a pair of shoes.

"I will only wear them one more time", I tell myself. This turns to "I will only wear them one more season."

Here is the cold, hard truth. I'm still wearing them. They are scuffed and ratty and old. It ain't pretty, but here are the "Shoes I'm Wearing".

Do not be judgy.

And, no- I didn't use enhancements. My feet are really that big.


  1. Love your shoe shots! Your shoes are a lovely colour. It's all too easy to wear a favourite pair of shoes, and so hard to stop!

  2. I love how you focused on the buckle of the shoe... To cool!

    Jeanna @

  3. I love the composition of the buckle shot as well.

  4. There's something about the scuffs on the front that's so sweet. Says so much about how much you love 'em!

  5. They're cute I love their color too! I get really attached to favorite shoes and wear them until they fall apart - no judgment here! :)

  6. I love everything about these shoes! They are red? Right? Who is the maker?

    Please tell!

    1. I am sad to say that they were finally thrown out and I don't remember who made them. I bought them at a local shop!
      Thanks for popping by!


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