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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunroom Wardrobe Change!

Yesterday, I showed off my fancyschmancy (yet, neglected) brown velvet curtains that I am now using as a table runner.

I was feeling so inspired and eager to be a part of the REUSE! RECYCLE! club, that I used the other panel for a "costume change" in my sunroom. This time, the panel acted as a tablecloth!

But first, here is a lookiloo at a few other costumes my sunroom has donned...

Summer Whites.

Bright and Cheery!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

I have two panels left...what next?
Maybe I will face the beast, aka the sewing machine, and make some pillows.
Maybe I will wrap one around myself, cinch it with a jazzy belt and call it FABULOUS! (I can hear my sisters now- "What the #$@!% are you wearing??")


  1. I like your sunroom in ALL it's dresses!!

  2. These are very creative ideas. I have been having trouble finding Condo Enclosures .


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