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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Checklist...

I have said it before, and I'll say it again. Checkered Moon is "one stop shopping!" 

Not only can you outfit your house in fantastic finds, you can outfit yourself!

This time, we are talkin' turkey. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you need to get your gobble on!

I'm here to walk you through it- I'm a giver like that. Everything you need for a successful Thanksgiving is at Checkered Moon

Let's start with what the @$!%! to wear??

Shades will cover any hangover dark circles you may or may not have. 

Jewelry will distract your friends and family from the 32 pieces of pie you have snarfed down.

Always bring the hostess a classy gift.

Forget about taking a pumpkin pie. You'll be the star of the show when you bring these caramels. (Word to the wise, if you "taste test" some in the car beforehand, be sure to dig the evidence out of your teeth before greeting the hostess with the mostest!)

AND, if you are a local:

you're invited!
help us kick-off the season and we'll help you kick-off
a few names from your list!  

the trillium project will be here with us - sharing their jewelry for theSmileHealthy Project!  help us support their ongoing efforts!

checkered moon
old farm shops - champaign, il

ps ... bring a friend - the more the merrier!

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