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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A White Fall...

I walked into my dining room, took one look at the stack of "to do" papers...and like the champion procrastinator that I am, I decided to change up the tablescape!

Breezeway Julie called and asked what I was doing. "I should be doing laundry...BUT, I'm fussing over a blue and white tablescape!"

                                               Before BLAH!

You can imagine how excited I was to find WHITE pine cones! (see, white can be a fall color!)

                                   A white pine cone for each guest!

So...when you are feeling overwhelmed by your own "to do" list, take on a completely unimportant and frivolous task!

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  1. Beautiful, as usual! But lo, do I detect a red flower amidst yonder blue and white? :)

  2. Well your fussing paid off, the table looks wonderful! I love blue and white, and that photo with your pretty sofa in the background where the blue pillow matches the table is gorgeous.
    I couldn't help but notice the pretty view outside your window too. Wonderful job, and beautiful home!

  3. Wow the table looks so nice! I love the pine cone and the splash of red and green color. Great job! Please feel free to link up to my Make Yourself Monday blog hop!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. LOL! I know these days all too well. Your table looks great! I just want to know how many times you've changed something on it since you posted this? lol

  5. Can't go wrong with whites! I am going with whites for fall and christmas. Happy new follower :) My from Space 46

  6. I love white for the holidays! Great job, everything looks so sweet! Your newest fan!

  7. I love those white pine cones!!
    Have a happy one.

  8. I don't blame you, I would do the same, and it turned out so beautiful!!!!

  9. Stunning! I love all the white for the holidays! Well done!

  10. so the white pinecone...beautiful...going back to follow along and look around...come on over for a visit too!!...Mariaelena

  11. Lovely! Speaking of Breezeway Julie, were there ever any "after" photos posted? I was following that ... and then I had triplets ... but I do love a good makeover. :)


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