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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Final Photography Challenge...Week 20!

For the past TWENTY WEEKS, (Have I even been blogging that long??) I have been participating in a photography challenge over at "A Step In The Journey". 
I was first drawn to the photography challenge because I wanted to become a better photographer. The prize that I had not counted on was how much I would come to enjoy the other photographers/bloggers. I began to look forward to what the "usuals" would post. 
Even though we had a shared theme each week, our entries were so diverse!
The challenge began with and ends with "Self Portrait." 

To peek at my first entry, click here.

July entry

December entry
Thank you for being the hostess with the mostest, Laura Beth!


  1. Challenges can really make you stretch wish I had known about this one. I'm doing mail art for 365 days, I'm up to day #230, still away to go! Laura

  2. I love this shot. And look how you've grown, you're right in there taking that perfect photo, without the fear in your eyes, lol. Well, I'm guessing there's no fear in your eyes. Love your props.

  3. I love your self portrait! It's nice and fun for the season :)

  4. You are SO sweet :o) I wish I could have everyone over to celebrate! You staged this photo well with the scarf, fabulous ring, and Santa hat!! Job well done friend.

  5. You are so sweet and funny... I have enjoyed your photos and all your awesome comments and support over at my blog... Thanks so much! Love the ring!

    Jeanna @


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