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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Name That Movie House, The Christmas Edition!

Ok, house gamers! Here are my top 5 Christmas movie houses. Try to name them in less than a minute...or chug your spiked eggnog! (Feel free to chug even if you can name them!)
Game on!

1. I loved this movie and totally coveted the house, but the clutter put me into a cold sweat.

2. My kiddos dream of being left to their devices in this house!

3. I'm sure my pops spoke the same language as the father in this movie.

4. We all have "those" family members to contend with during the holidays!

Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

5. I have spent many wonderful holidays in this city. did you do? Did you have to chug? 
If you want the answers, pop over to my Pinterest page and get the scoop!

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  1. I knew 2, 3, and 4 so I'm chugging some wine...which I would have done anyway ;)

  2. 4 out of 5 . . . not too shabby!! I LOVE this game! :) And I love these houses! I still love that Home Alone House . . . I would live there in a heartbeat!! You have to share this at our link party on Saturday! It's my favorite!
    Hope you are having a great night!

  3. The Family Stone is one of my favorite movies, and since you put it first, I have to watch it again tonight. Love that house and even love the clutter, love Diane Keaton, love Sarah J. Parker.

    xoxo michele

  4. I found this challenge from your comment on Donna's SNS post and now have to share the link to you with my friends. Thank you!


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