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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Secret Mission - Operation Puppy!

I am excited to share "Operation Puppy" with you- FINALLY!
(For our doggie history and dilemna, see:  "DogTalkN!") 
My fellow cohorts, that we shall call the "SIL's" (tough code to break- "sister-in-laws") joined me in the search for our new puppy. 
We were on the lookout for a golden retriever-ish that didn't come with a $1500 price tag! 
One week after we had all drunk-dialed phoned breeders from Indiana to Illinois to Missouri, I noticed an ad in my Sunday paper. "Golden Retriever puppies for sale, $150!"
Fourteen years ago, we had gotten our first dog (the smartest and sweetest golden retriever to ever live...) from an Amish family. I remembered finding their phone number in the news-gazette. It was like trying to get in touch with the CIA, as many families in their community shared a single phone. 
I left a message before church, after church and before bed.
Monday morning at 6:15am, my phone rang. The man on the other end explained that he was returning my...ahem...many phone calls. "We are an Amish family and we don't do business on Sunday, Ma'am".

An appointment was made and I enlisted my friend to be my co-pilot through the Amish countryside.

Shut to the up! Back the truck up! 
We arrived at the same Amish farm that our old girl, Shelby had come from!
At that point, I knew it was a done deal.  
There is no cuter puppy on the planet than a golden retriever puppy. The runt of the litter worked his magic on my co-pilot and before anyone could say "woof" we had BOTH picked our pooch!
A week later, my co-pilot surprised her three kiddos with their early Christmas present, Brinkley! 
Our puppy, Big George, is in a SIL safe house until Christmas day.

George and Brinkley

George likes the sports page!
The SIL's are going to surprise our kiddos with Big George when we arrive at the safe house on Christmas! I have never been more excited for Christmas day to arrive!

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  1. Kerry,
    Ahhh! So CUTE!!! You are right - there is nothing cuter than a golden retriever puppy! My heart just melted looking at those pictures. Can't wait to hear all the adventures. Ours comes home in February. Thanks for the email regarding the post!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for letting me know Kerri! I'm seriously melting as I look at each picture of these precious adorable Golden babies. They are both so adorable and I can just hear your kids squealing when they first see George. My last Golden was actually named George (Washington) and was the best dog ever! Your Big George is so adorable - I can see why you can't wait for Christmas Day. What a precious baby. Ohhhh you got me thinking about getting the little Golden girl I've been wanting for so long.
    I'm so happy for you and your family. Can't wait to see more DogTalkn :) He is one good looking precious puppy!

  3. OMGSH!!! You are SOO right... no cuter puppy on the planet!! I am smitten~ Can't wait for your littles to see sweet George... LOVE the name!! (Bravo momma, although I don't recall "George" being the name of any beer?! HA)
    Looking forward to DogTalkn! It's sure to entertain!

  4. Who is keeping him?????? This is so exciting!! Were you puppy sitting for your own puppy last week????????

  5. Oh my gosh, there really isn't anything cuter than babies and puppies! I'm so excited for you!

    Merry Christmas, Kerry!

  6. Sounds like an amazing adventure! Those 2 puppies are the cutest! It will be a Merry Christmas indeed!

  7. OMG... break my heart! Those are the cutest little things I have ever seen! I want them!

    I can't imagine how excited your kids are going to be when they see Big George. Love the name and I can't wait to hear how everything goes.

    Merry Christmas! ~ Yvonne

  8. can't wait to see the kids with their new puppy.

  9. These pictures brought tears of joy and glad they'll be part of a loving home! Absoulutely adorable and can't wait to see more pictures from Christmas day!

  10. Oh wow. I am sooo excited for your family. George is such a cutie. I can't believe that you ended up back at the same place that you got Shelby originally. Serendipity.

  11. So cute I cannot freaking stand it. :D

  12. Seriously, 2 of the CUTEST puppies EVAH!!!!!! Your kids are going to be OVER THE MOON with excitement. Wear ear protection:):):) Merry Christmas!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  13. Your kids are going to be over the moon!!! Golden Retriever puppies are THE cutest puppies ever, and they are so smart! I have a grown golden girl name Lily and she is so very awesome! :)

  14. OH MY GOSH!! Best gift ever! I am dying at how sweet they are!!! We had a golden retriever growing up . . . best dogs ever!! What a fun Christmas! :)

  15. Please adopt don't shop for a puppy/dog. There are so many adorable, mixed breed puppies available at your local animal shelter.

  16. Those pups are so stinkin cute! I have a black lab, shes over a year now and love her. I have to say adopting is an awesome way to go {never buy from a nasty pet store from the mall} but sometimes you cant find the right puppy from a shelter and you need to find a dog to fit your family and lifestyle.

  17. Hi, I'm just comin' over from Funky Junk. And...then I got lured in by those adorable puppies!! Someone in your home has some serious photography talents. The shot of your Son holding the new puppy at the car window, and again holding the puppy over his shoulder, are just the cutest. Really should be entered into compteition.(State Fair?) Enjoy every moment. Linda S. in NE


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