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Monday, January 2, 2012

Choose A Puppy That Fits Your Family.

When we finally decided to get back on the puppy train, we knew we wanted another pooch that would fit our lifestyle. (Click here for doggie backstory)
We need a dog that can GO! GO! GO! We need a dog that likes the outdoors, lots of people, and one that is easy-ish to train.  
George is our guy. He is certainly a go-getter, he is an award winning snuggler to all, and his training has been...well, uneventful. Putting this in writing is sure to bring on an indoor poopfest. 
Here is a peek at one of our hikes with Big George.

We are an active brood and Big George is fitting right in.
The only problem is that we are all about to go back to school...maybe our principal is looking for a mascot?

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  1. Love that puppy. Glad he is settling in so well.

  2. Aww,..what a cutie. Sonds like he is already part of the family. Great photos too, by the way (all that photo challenge stuff paid off big time, lol).

  3. What a cute puppy! Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad Terry sent you my way.:)

  4. It seems to be not a hike but maybe marathon! hahaha! Running uphill is something i might not be able to do, although i walk fast. It is easier in your climes with cold temps unlike us here! Happy New Year.

  5. Thank you so much for linking to our Link It Up Thursday Party!:) You are so sweet. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Oh my word, oh my word.... George you are a looker!! It's fantastic to see you having so much fun! Glad you came over so I could come say hi too!!


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