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Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm A Winner, You're A Winner!

Who says that trophies are just for the sporty folks? 
We are a sporty family and I'm embarrassed the first to admit that we love trophies around here!
BUT, this birthday trophy got me thinkin'.
Why do we stop giving out trophies at a certain age? 
Why don't we recognize a wider audience with trophies?

Instead of decorating with our Jonathan Adler pretties, we could start decorating with trophies!
"#1 Toilet Scrubber!"
"First Place For Carpooling!"
"#1 Multi-Tasker!"
"Best Executive Head Poo-Bah In The Tri-State!"
Fill in the blank! The options are limitless!
What would your trophy read?


  1. My trophies would say First Place in Utterly Unnecessary Overreacting and #1 Seltzer Drinker. I have high aspirations.

  2. Hmm,...I think I would win Best Cookie Eater and Most Neurotic to Live With. :)

  3. #1Blng Bit...h, or Princess or Delicate Flower!!!

  4. Best Taxi Driver.....without a doubt...


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