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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where In The World Is Carrie Raphael?

I may or may not be the woman guilty of googling "Carrie Raphael images" 15,642 times.
When I stumbled upon an article in Country Living, (click here) featuring Carrie Raphael's home, I drooled on myself swooned.

Are you kidding me with those porch curtains???

I envisioned Carrie and I (Carrie and Kerry!) becoming fast friends. 
"Why, hello! Come on in- AGAIN!"

We even have twin dining room chairs!

I fell in love with the teeny bit of the island that I could see...

But... aha! I pondered more times than healthy, grown woman should- which island was the "before" and which island was the "after"? For the record, I love the top one. 

Just when "Decorating-Eye-Candy-Nirvana" was peaking....poof! No more Carrie Raphael images! 
It seems that she changed her name and moved out of the country.  
Carrie Raphael images...halt.
Maybe the fame was too great. 
Maybe she has been busy designing a replica of her house for my 40th birthday present!
Maybe google sent her a letter, informing her that "Carrie Raphael Images" had been entered 15,642 the same woman.
I will just have to be content with the Country Living images of my her home. This shouldn't be a problem, as I cut them out of the original magazine feature and I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to "Carrie Raphael" images. 
Do you have a fellow decorator, designer, or blogger that you stalk admire?

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  1. Omg those images are amazing. The curtains on her porch are beautiful. Never seen that before. Stunning

  2. hahahaha, I love it. I watch episodes of "Sarah's House" on HGTV over and over and over. My favorites are the ones during the farmhouse reno. I love her decorating, but I REALLY love her personality. We would have SO MUCH FUN together!! :)I immediately recognize any of her rooms floating around on Pinterest. And, of course, repin.

  3. Oh you found a keeper in this house!! I adore this decorating style!!! And YOU are a keeper!!!

  4. Oh those porch curtains ARE amazing. Wow. Funny about your stalking though, lol. Thanks so much for linking up to our party!!

  5. LOL! I'm a new follower cause' I love your taste and you make me LAUGH! This home is amazing...I wanna live there! Stop by anytime, Lori

  6. You are SO stinkin funny! You made me giggle and that is hard to do when I am this tired on a Friday night:)

  7. When I can't find people? I make $hit up about them. Like they were drunk one night and*thought* they had been abducted by aliens, so now they are holding tent revivals in teeny backwater towns. Unfortunately, I know that NOT to be true because my friend has done some work with Carrie and ever since ountry Living, she has been working non-stop.

  8. Cute ideas! I also love the porch curtains! Thanks for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope to have you back next Saturday to share more creative ideas. -The Sisters

  9. LO. Very funny post. I ran into her site a while back as I drooled over her home as well- I think this is it.

  10. Thank you SO much! I have been a fan of hers for years, but in a recent move I felt the need to purge myself of 10 years of magazine clippings. What a joy to see these rooms again. Now ... I can go BACK to stalking her. Phew.

    Mary @ SeaQuilts

  11. I love your sense of humor!! Found you on White Wednesday and I am your newest follower! ~Angie

  12. I felt the same way when I saw that CL, I loved every room... more than that... loved this funny post! t.xoxo

  13. I just found your WONDERFUL, INSPIRATIONAL,BEST FRIENDS JUST REUNITED, FUNNY, CAN'T STOP READING BLOG and I am your newest follower. I just about fainted when I came across this post! I have a file on my computer of "My dream home" and this one is top numero uno on my list. In fact it is my desktop had me at billowing curtains on the porch ♥♥ Thanks for such a great blog....I'm off to spend my entire afternoon,with a cup of chai tea, reading your posts ;)
    Some days I just roll like that.....housework ain't goin nowhere ;)

  14. Did she really move out of the country? I too constantly google for new Carrie pics, but haven't seen any in quite some time.

  15. Just discovered your blog today. I felt the same way when I first saw her home in CL. Loved it. Looked her up on google. I think I still have that issue. I think she designs slipcovers. The blues and whites are my favorite colour combo. I have it in 5 rooms at my house. It just works so well and always looks fresh and inviting and you can add any colour you want with it for an accent. Even though I have to repaint a couple of rooms this year.. I'll probably still do similar colours and this is from a woman who could never settle on the right paint before and ended up repainting all the time. I probably know Benjamin Moore's paint line better than some distant relatives.

  16. Hi, Debbiie! Thank you so much for popping by! I still have the original CL with CR, too!


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