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Monday, February 6, 2012

An Elegant Entryway

When I shared a "House Tour and Outtakes" of my friend, Karen's home, it was really hard to narrow down the pictures to share. 
I took no less than 3,542 shots while breaking and entering touring her home. 
This entryway has greeted me for birthday parties, afternoon soirees, PTA meetings, play dates and (my favorite) drinks on the veranda!
Here is a lookiloo:

I love a beautiful entryway...not that I have one. But I know a purdy entryway when I see one!
Do you love your entryway?

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  1. Oh wow. I never thought much about my entryway, but when I see these pictures, I have to say 'no' I do not love my entryway, lol. Gorgeous.

  2. Oh my... I love her house... Does she take tenants??? Just a thought... ;)
    Have a great day!

    1. We could just pop by for happy hour...and not leave.

  3. Gorgeous home! Thank you so much for your visit!

  4. gorgeous! love that shelf-takes up so much less visual space. i was thinking of doing something like this in my dining room, instead of a buffet piece. we shall see.

  5. I'm a big time fan of entryways. In fact, the entryway of my home is part of why I bought it! I love the warm tones and that gorgeous shelf/ledge in the entryway your shared today at Show & Tell. Thanks for linking up!!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  6. Thanks for sharing this gorgeousness at our party this week. I just keep staring at it with my mouth wide open.

  7. This truly is beautiful. I love the mirror/frame over the other mirror. It looks really elegant. Thanks for sharing!


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