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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A House Tour!

Usually, when I hear that a house is going to be for sale, I get excited for a new lookiloo! 
Not so this time. 
This house has been home to a staple family in our neighborhood. From our neighborhood parties at Clark Park, to little league baseball games, to the soccer field- this family has been a big part of our community. 
While everyone is excited for the new adventures that await this family, we will miss them. 
If you would like to join a neighborhood of fourth of July parades, country club fireworks in your backyard, movie nights in the park and Halloween extravaganzas, this is the house for you. (Not to mention that it is a fantastic house!)

It would be easy to dub this a "cute little cape cod." It is actually the house that seems to go on and on.

The light fixtures

Anyone who lives in an older home can tell you that closet space is a rare luxury. This home boasts of built-ins and walk in closets that make me swoon!
So...if you are a fun family that enjoys neighborhood life, please join our community! 


  1. How cute! Unfortunately, if I move my kids won't know where I am. (Of course, that could be good, because then they can't ask me for money.)

    1. You could move here...Then, I can ask you for money!

  2. LOVE the above comment!!!:):) Cute house!

    1. Oh, Pinky! You would love Kirby! She is a hoot.

  3. What a pretty home. I grew up in a cape cod and it didn't have half the space that one appears to have! Did I spot a golden?

  4. That's right, Shelley! This is a family of golden lovers, too! How is little Rosie?

  5. That settles it sister! I am moving in.



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