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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let March Madness Begin!

We are a sporty family in this house.
We play sports.
We watch sports.         
We obsess over sports.           
My mister writes about sports.
I am super excited to share that HouseTalkN is going all 
HouseTalkN is joining forces with sponsor extraordinaires, Checkered Moon and Room Service to bring you our A Game! 
We will be doing a GIVEAWAY each week in March! 
That's right- FOUR GIVEAWAYS from Checkered Moon and Room Service!
Each Sunday night in March, HouseTalkN will announce the loot and kick off the giveaway of the week. (Beginning March 4th!)
The winner will be announced the following Saturday- GAME NIGHT!
(Teaser- Jonathon Adler awesomeness may or may not be involved!)


  1. What??? You're all FANCY now??? It has been fun being your friend, but you are obviously way outta my league. *sniff*

    1. That's right, Kirby. I got it going on. I'll sign your chest at Haven.

  2. How fun! The giveaway sounds like a fun way to get into the excitement of the month. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.


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