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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Man Cave!

In honor of the Super Bowl, I thought I would share some "man cave" spaces.
I will be the first to admit that I used to be a tad bit judgmental about the man cave phenomenon. 
Being a competitive psycho person, my old self might have asked "What makes the menfolk so special that they get their own cave?" 
At the end of the day, don't women deserve a booger-vomit-poop-snot-toot-free space? 
Then, it came to me. 
We have the bathroom...hopefully with a good lock. We run the bubble bath, light some candles, pour a glass of vodka wine, and grab a good book. We own the bathroom. 
Instead of calling it the "woman cave" we say that we need some "alone time." 
Here's to the man cave.

Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

Man cave meets wild kingdom?
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

Hmmm...what doesn't fit?
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

We are a sporty family, so this kind of man cave would be a big hit!
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

The modern metro man cave.
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

Looking at all of these fancy (men probably don't refer to their man caves as "fancy") man caves, I started to feel sorry for my man. 
He has a man cave-ish space. It does have a TV and a sofa and a Bud Light sign and, toys, toys. 
His man cave is in the basement between toy central and laundry central. You can simultaneously hear sports cheering, children bickering playing nicely and me yelling "The next time I find clean clothes in the dirty laundry, I'm going to hurt somebody!"
The man cave is a good thing. 
In man speak:
It's a WIN - WIN situation. 
Is there a man cave in your house? 
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  1. Well, we are big proponents of the man cave here. In fact, a man cave was attempted--pool table, leather couch, big screen. Unfortunately, the man of the house is too dependent on his wife and doesn't like "being alone" down there. So we are re-thinking the cave. PS the big screen is now up here.

  2. I used to think it was kinda dumb, but now I get it. Once Hubby made his man cave, he now has a place where he can hang out and he can do whatever he wants in there. I can pretty much decorate how I want in any other room, but that's HIS room. Plus, I have a craft room, so it's equal!

  3. We have a man cave in our house. It has orange walls and green shag carpet. No. I am not kidding. Yes. You can come take pictures of it for your blog. It is pure awesome in there. :)

  4. I'm the only girl in my house. I feel like the whole thing is a man cave.

    1. Oh, Sherri. I hear ya! I have 3 fellas in this house!

  5. No need for a man cave - no man. But I would happily make a man cave if there were one! (still looking)...

  6. I need a man-cave! Some of those look amazing! Now I must go into my woman cave and run a tub, lock the door, and run away from all my poopy diapers and dirty dishes. :)
    Have a great weekend Kerry!!


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