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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Treasures

If you want "Shabby Chic" vintage treasures, you are sure to find them on every corner.
If it's the "Mid Century" vintage treasures you are looking for...look no further. 
My friend, Stacy, has started a new adventure to restore vintage treasures, especially mid century pieces. 
When Stacy opened "rec-la-ma-tion", her garage was her work station and her home was her art studio/gallery. 
I am excited to share that Stacy has outgrown her garage and is now showcasing some of her pieces at Vintage Bella in Champaign, Illinois!

Ever the "hostess with the mostest", Stacy has something for everyone! Here's a peek at some of her "Shabby Chic" treasures!


  1. Beautiful Pieces. I want to shop there.

    1. Girls shopping trip? I walked around and around...and saw something new and different each time!
      Thank you for popping by!

  2. Love it, great stuff and the prices are reasonable. I wish I lived closer;)

  3. I am absolutely loving that lime green glass! Gorgeous!!

  4. Be still, my heart!! I love mid-century so this is a dream for me...except I live in South Florida...

  5. Kerry,

    Great pictures, kind words. Much thanks!

  6. I got sucked into the world of vintage this year. Now I'm an addict.

  7. I love it! I am going to have to make a road trip - with an empty truck!!! You are my idol!!


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