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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The First March Madness Winner Is....

I am happy to announce that the first winner of the March Madness Giveaways is Ann Osterling!
Ann left this comment:

I was in Checkered Moon the other day (to get another Evans bottle cap necklace). I admired several of the above---First, I lusted over the Organized People plaque---but, then I was afraid it would end up in a pile and not on my wall. Next, I was drawn to the CELEBRATE, with reckless abandon. That would be for one of my BFF and office mate (Debi) who has had two surgeries, 12 weeks of chemo, nearly 8 weeks of radiation and has just started chemo again in a clinical trial. She would never think of pouting (which I would be doing majorly in her shoes). I follow you everywhere!

Not only will Ann receive these fun items:

But also, I will throw in a life sized poster of this:
Because I am a giver like that!
Thank you to Checkered Moon, sponsor and giveaway champion!
See you tomorrow night - the next round of the March Madness Giveaways begins!


  1. That poster is hilarious!

    Grats to the winner, good choice for sure!!!

  2. That poster is just too awesome!! Love the plaque, too.

    1. That poster would take decorating blogs to a whole new level!

  3. I am only sad that I missed out on that poster! ~L


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