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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's My Bloggy Birthday...ish!

It's true.
I forgot my own bloggy birthday. 
It came and went last week. 
403 posts and I didn't even say "Happy Birthday"...nothing, nada, zilch.
My little blog must have felt like Molly Ringwald in "Sixteen Candles."

Here are my lame excuses.
-I was busy painting, de-funkifying, and switching all of our bedrooms around.
-I was busy stalking my house crush.
-I was busy starting and restarting my diet...87 times.
-I was busy trying on fancy clothes with my peeps.
-I had 3 house guests and an extra doggie.
-I have been self absorbed distracted by my life makeover.
-I went camping.
-I cut chocolate out of my life and my brain doesn't work properly without it.
-I was busy embarrassing my children at their baseball games.
-All of my free thought space is filled up obsessing and worrying about next week's blogging conference- Haven 2012.  ("Please, Lawd. Don't let me bring shame upon myself and my loved ones.")
There you have it.
I'm sorry. No fancy giveaways, no trip to the Caribbean, no dream house makeover and no $100,000 gift card to Lowes.
Here is what I do have. Gratitude. I have had a wonderful year (and 6 days) with HouseTalkN. This blog has married so many of the things that I love- 
-House stalking admiring.
-Time with my gal pals.
-Meeting new folks in my community.
Those are the perks that I knew about. 
Then, there are the surprises along the way that have been the icing on this birthday cake-
-The blogging community is such a supportive, funny and kind crew! They have encouraged me, made me pee my pants laughing, danced with me, been a sounding board, and offered techy hell help
-Folks outside of my immediate family actually read the blog of their own free will! I have come to look forward to hearing from regular readers. I wonder about their new babies, their puppy adventures, and their remodeling shenanigans.
I am beyond grateful. Thank you. 
This week, I will run some of my favorites from the past year ...and 6 days.
If you have a better memory than I, let me know if you have a favorite HouseTalkN post.

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  1. Happy Birthday .. House talkn I love you ..


  2. I hope Jake Ryan shows up in the RED PORSCHE.... Happy Birthday YOU HOT BLOGGER!!

    1. I have my Jake Ryan- he drives a hawt mini-van!

  3. Wuzzzzz Up your Rockstar with the crazy Beyonce Dance moves-- Yes You Kerry!!!! Happy Blogiversary Girl!! So very happy I found ya, I just love ya!


  4. Let me know when Anthony Michael Hall shows up. I am the geek magnet.

  5. Kerry! Happy belated bloggy birthday my dear!!

    Many happy returns!

    (And those arne't lame excuses, it is a GOOD THING to be livin y our life to the fullest and embarassing your children whenever time allows!!)


    1. Thank you, Michele! I pictured your little face when I was thinking of kind, loyal readers!

  6. Happy belated blogaversary. LOVED your excuses:) XO, Pinky

    1. Thank YOU, Pinky! You are the nicest commenter on the planet!

  7. Happy Blogiversary Kerry! Just make sure your blog doesn't give it's panties to a geek so he can show them off to his geek friends, ok? ;-)Truly, though, it has been so fun getting to know you through your blog and I seriously CANNOT wait to meet you at Haven...I heard tell that there might be some karaoke happening...I'm thinking you will be all over that right?

    1. I am the worst singer on the planet! I kept this tidbit from my husband until after we were married. "How Great Thou Art" moved me to sing loudly and proudly one Sunday morning. As soon as we left church, my mister said "What the heck was that in there??"

  8. Happy Blogiversary + 6 days. My favourite post was definitely the naked YMCA hot tub incident. Definitely! :)

    1. FOR YOU, I will run it today!
      Thank you, Terry. I am so thankful that I found you all those posts ago at the photo challenge!

  9. Awwww!!! Just found your blog but can relate!
    My blog is only 3 months old and I a already SO grateful and also having the time of my life!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Isn't it fun? Welcome to the big ole blogosphere!


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