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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remember When I Was Naked At The YMCA?

To celebrate my bloggy birthday...that I forgot...I am running some favorites from the past year.
Here is my "nekkid" at the YMCA post...

I have noticed some beautiful Valentine posts lately- Valentine decor, crafts, cards and love letters to sweeties.
Not one to be outdone, I thought I would share an ode to my mister. 
There are those moments in a marriage when you take that snapshot in your mind...the "This is why I love him" moments.
Valentine's Party Circles Printables

We had taken our four little darlings to the YMCA for some family basketball and a quick swim.
As we were winding up our nightly shenanigans visit, my mister offered, "Why don't I take the kids home and you stay here to relax in the women's hot tub?" 
By the time he uttered "hot tub" I was already sprinting toward the "Women Only" sign. 
In my rush I forgot that I had (literally) left my mister holding the bag. The bag with all of our wet suits. The bag with MY suit. The suit with a hawt matching skirt. The skirt that I swore I would never own.
I spent the next 37 seconds having a mental argument with myself. Here is a sampling of the thoughts that were flying through my head.
-It's almost closing time...I bet everyone else is gone already.
-Just do it, stop being a chicken! 
-God is smiting me for making fun of the casually naked folks that stand around the locker room talking/drying hair/applying make-up/doing jumping jacks -while naked- as if doing these things NAKED is totally normal. Would you do these things while naked in front of house guests or in any other setting? 
-Look what has happened to me! I am afraid to get naked all by my d**n self in a women's locker room hot tub. 
I finally threw caution to the wind, stripped down and climbed into the hot tub.
A full 6 seconds passed before I heard the dreaded squeak of the door. 
I quickly positioned myself so that the intruder would not be able to see, situation.
Big mistake.
As Ms. Stepford bounced into the hot tub, in full make-up, coiffed hair and her very appropriate tankini, she was unprepared for what awaited her. 
Her smile quickly faded as we both stared at the wall for answers. 
She lasted in the hot tub for 9 seconds. 
She didn't even warn the young swimmer that she knocked over on her way out. 
That's right. 
Next up- a college hard body swimmer type.
She also met the sneak attack. 
Not having the sophistication of Ms. Stepford to look away, Ms. Hard Body actually gawked. 
I could see that this was going to be a standoff. She was either too competitive to bolt or she was frozen with fear. 
I contemplated an attempt at conversation. What would I say? "Just you wait, this will happen to your body, too?" I knew that "You want a piece of this?" could be misconstrued. 
It was the creak of the door that put me over the edge...sent me into naked freak out land.
I couldn't take it anymore. I panicked. I bolted. 
As I was leaping over Ms. Hard Body Gawker, I assured myself that it couldn't get any worse.
The newest addition to my hell was a woman with a headscarf. The very picture of modesty had entered the YMCA locker room precisely in time to see a naked American woman flying through the air.  
It took another 13 seconds to get dressed and perform the run of shame to the lobby.
I was shocked to see that my family had just reached the lobby. 
Had all of that just happened in such a short amount of time? 
Was I in the Twilight Zone? 

Here is the part about why I love my husband. Besides the part about family YMCA nights, and besides the part about taking the kids home. 

My mister took one look at me and knew that this was no time for silly questions. He spoke the sweetest, most romantic words ever.
"Kids, run for the van."

Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  2. Shoulders.shaking.
    Seriously Kerry I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!!! That is one of the funniest stories I've ever heard!!!!

    1. Let's hope that I don't embarrASS myself like this at Haven!

  3. Oh yes, this is my favourite post EVER.

  4. You are just too funny! Love, love, love it! Now you just need to do a vlog with this tale ... perhaps from the exact same hot tub. Bathing suit optional...



  5. OH. MY. Gosh.

    I am hysterical with laughter, you are SO HILARIOUS oh my gosh.


    Best. Post. EVER.

    1. What is wrong with me? I really need an intervention...bring booze.

  6. Replies
    1. Oh, Jack. I'm a hawt mess!
      Never a dull moment around here!
      Thank you for popping by!

  7. I am crying from laughing so hard Love this :) SO hilarious!

    1. Oh, Miranda! There was crying, alright! I might never be allowed back to my YMCA!


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