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Monday, July 2, 2012

Tree Removal...Goodbye, Red Maple Tree!

I feel horrible. 
Remember how poorly I treated my red maple tree last fall? (Leaves That Taunt and "Red Maple, Red Maple) died. Unloved and unappreciated. Instead of saying "Thank you for shading my family...thank you letting my children spend countless hours risking their lives climbing you so I could have one freaking moment of peace and quiet" I said "Awww, shut up. Shut up with your red leaves, already." 
I am the worm of a child in The Giving Tree
This spring, I watched with glee as all of our trees budded out and bloomed...all but one. The poor, "Pitiful Pearl" that was our red maple tree.
I felt sadness and guilt for 37 seconds a few days until panic set in. 
The price tag of a tree removal visited my dreams and haunted my thoughts. 
Even an entire bag of chocolate chips couldn't cheer me up.
On a tip from a neighbor, I called the city in hopes that my red maple carnage would be considered their responsibility. 
For the love of all things holy- THE RED MAPLE WAS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY! 
This was five days ago, folks. 
The city trucks rolled up this morning at 8:07am. I was watering the lawn in all my glory. Sucking down coffee, stumbling around the yard in my pj's rocking my morning Don King hair.
Here is how it went down...


I vow not to trash talk my dogwood tree or my crabapple tree...but my sycamore tree can bite it.


  1. OH NO!!!!!!

    Well first of all you are so danged funny I laughed.

    It was the Don King hair comment, what an image you created!

    But then.........a big lucious gorgeous Red Maple just died and was chipped to bits (yay you didn't have to do that part!)

    But, well, um, it DIED.

    So, gosh, that's seriously bad. I am grieving for it and VERY afraid for your Sycamore. That's all I'm saying.

    Maybe do some Boogie Moves by it to cheer it up and make it less afraid?

    You gonna replace the Maple?

    We just planted a VERY VERY tall Maple in our front yard. Don't visit, ok? (hee hee, ok, maybe for your healing boogie moves and your morning hairdo, but NOT for being The Tree Slayer!!!)

    1. You crack me up. Maybe it died of horror of my dance moves!

  2. Details, how do you make the tree the city's responsibility? I'd love to get rid of mine!

    1. The city apparently has domain of anything within a certain amount of space from the street and/or wires!

  3. Oh you definitely painted the perfect picture of you out there on your front lawn. I'm the gal pointing and laughing. Wait, no I'm not, I'm wheezing and hunched over. Regardless, happy for you that the dead tree was the city's dead tree.

    1. I so wish we lived closer! We would have a blast.
      There was much pointing in laughing!

    2. I'm way too weird for my neighbourhood, but I get the feeling that yes, we would get along great. ;)

    3. Come here- I already have "weird" covered. You'll look totally sane!

  4. it just me (and 50 Shades of Gray), or were those tree guys kinda cute?

    1. I don't know, coffee had not fully taken effect!
      Thanks, Maggie!

    2. Can you fix it so that the accurate video shows with this story? Thanks!tree trimming

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