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Sunday, September 9, 2012

HouseTalkN With...Taya Luderowski-Ross

This month, we are "HouseTalkN With"... Designer, Taya Luderowski-Ross!

1. How many addresses have you had in your life?  
Too many to count !
I come from three generations of artists, crafts people and architects. As soon as (and usually before) a home is done, we all dream of the next project. Creating is the fun part..."done" is overrated.

2. What kind of house did you grow up in?
A farm house, a brick row house and a nail factory  (all the interiors were totally "modern" and white )..but,  I mostly grew up after I left home. Maybe? Maybe NOT!

3. How did your parent's styles influence your style?
Immensely! Incalculably!
Dad (Theodore Luderowski) was an architect of The International School and taught at Cranbrook with Eames and Saarinen (that's for all of you dwell reading "modernists"). Everything was black, white, gray, and chrome.. maybe a red moment. He died when I was 8 and my sculptress mother, Barbara Luderowski blossomed into an antique collector, art collector and  facilitator of installation art. She is the mother of The Mattress Factory. She is completely over the top and the opposite of minimalist. I am totally an amalgam of both. I am often obsessed and always changing, much to my husband's dismay! Actually, I can't imagine doing any of it without his support and input.

4. Tell me about your current address and how that came to be?
We recently sold our home and are currently designing our next space! (Click here to tour her previous home) We now live in a garage in the country! It is a rental that we are borrowing from our friends. It is a loft over their garage that they lived in while they built their home.

5. Describe your dream home? 

The next one! I've done 3 homes for myself- all very different types of living scenarios...a loft, a Sears catalog bungalow, and a stone cottage.

6. What's next for you? 
I am designing the next one now. It is new from the ground up. Something I've never done before. I am accustomed to responding designwise to older architecture, so this is a challenge on that level. I love a good challenge. 
The goals are to take all the things we have learned about how we live and put them into a new space in an urban setting. We are working with the city to develop a 5 lot parcel in the northern part of downtown Champaign as a live/work/artist loft type space.
Take a lookiloo at Taya's temporary home/studio...
As I drove down the lane, I felt like I was entering Narnia!
The loft apartment is above the garage.
Rich textures and vibrant colors mark Taya's signature style.

Taya mixes vintage & modern as well as sentimental & functional.

Taya's office overlooks the main living space.
An artist's hand...
I can't wait to see what Taya creates next...stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, this post is so very interesting! The last photo reminds me of a moment with my 80-year old mother: I looked at my hands and said "If someone were to just see my hands and guess my age, they would say that I am 90". She said "If someone did that to me, they would guess that I was dead".

    1. When I look at my hands, I see my mother's hands and her mother's hands...I think I would like your mother! Thank you, Miss Kitty.

  2. I love the beautiful hardwood floors in the bedroom.

  3. The artists' loft space that Tanya mentions - is that finished yet? My husband & I are wanting to buy something "loft" like in Champaign and we're coming up empty!


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