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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giving "The Talk"

I always thought that I would be super cool about giving "The Talk" to my kids. I totally rocked "The Talk" when I had to give it to my 39 year old neighbor ("Do You Know What 69 Is?") so why is talking to a 13 year old so difficult?!?
I'll meet you In The Powder Room to tell you all about my strategy! Come on over and tell me your game plan!


  1. That story made me chuckle as I lock my kids in the car for "the talk" as well...they can't walk away and I don't have to look at their sweet little faces while discussing maxi pads and std's!

  2. STD's??? Holy cow, I am sending my kiddos to you for that one!

  3. You never fail to crack me up Kerry!! :) Thank you for the laughs this morning!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! I'm in a sugar coma!
    Thanks, Courtney!


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