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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Days Of Findings, Take 5

Ok, so I can be a bit...bossy.
Sometimes, I go too far.
Sometimes, my friends get fed up.
This was one such day.
I forced invited my pal, Karen to be my model for some Findings Boutique goodies. 12 Days Of Findings is about fashion and fun, right?
I had a certain shot in my mind's eye and try as she might, Karen just wasn't duplicating it!
Here is a lookiloo at the progression of hate.
How much do I love this Bailey 44 Cold Shoulder top in slate with black trim??

I don't know what she is so mad about. I think her anger my photography skills made her look sultry.


  1. Hi and Merry Chritmas - tell her she looks fantastic!

    1. That's right, Sue! She looks great and I am here to take all the credit!

  2. can I stay mad at're the only person who can take a decent pic of me - even when I'm furious ;-)

    1. That's what I do, baby! Thanks for being such a good sport!


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