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Friday, December 28, 2012

12 Days Of Findings...Take 6!

Welcome to 12 Days of Findings! For the next few days, I'll be giving you some New Year's Eve awesomesauce!
See? We all start out so dolled up and on our best behavior... New Year's Eve marches on, we start to look a little...less so. Just make sure you are wearing something fancy and distracting. No one will even notice that you are wearing beer goggles!
What are your New Year's Eve plans and what are you wearing?


  1. Where did you find that gold sleeved magic? Love it. As always, you look fab.

    1. This hawtness in at a local shop, Findings Boutique. Thanks!

  2. I totally identify with that. We start out so glamorous BUT then we have FUN!!!!

  3. Hi Kerry!!

    ...And remember to do your eye shadow like Jack Sparrow did in Dead Mans Chest, so that when you get tired you simply take a seat that's by the wall and catch a catnap before the almighty 12:00 am hits.

    Nobody will know that you're taking a catnap, because, when you close your eyes, your eye lids are made up like your eyes. Did I make sense? LOL

    Have a great time!!! (I know you will!!)



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