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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Finding The Funny" Link Party!

Finding the Funny Holiday Edition It's a very special edition of Finding the Funny! Today I'm teaming up with My Life and Kids, Kelley's Break Room and 14 more bloggers to bring you a special Holiday edition of Finding the Funny!

How to Link Up

Link up as many posts as you want - old or new - as long as they're related to the holidays and will make us laugh! Your post will show up here and on 16 other blogs! It's easy to link up!
  • Click on the "Add Your Link" button at the bottom of the page.
  • URL: copy and paste the URL of your blog post (be sure to use the exact post URL).
  • Name: enter the TITLE of your blog post - this is what will appear below your post picture. (Limited to 30 characters)
  • Enter your email address (don't worry - this won't be shared.)
  • Click on NEXT and choose an image that will appear in the link up.
  • Stick around and read the other posts and get ready to laugh!

Meet the Bloggers

All 17 of us will be sharing your posts on our blogs! My Life and Kids Kelley's Break Room The HillJean: Because My Life is Fascinating The Fordeville Diaries Frugalista Blog Hollow Tree Ventures Honest Mom House TalkN I'm Still Learning Let Me Start By Saying The Mom of the Year Mom's New Stage Motherhood WTF Ninja Mom There's More Where That Came From Random Handprints Toulouse and Tonic

Link up!


  1. Getting ready to check out the entries! Thanks so much to you and the 15 other bloggers for hosting.

  2. I just found your blog and love it. I've linked up an old post...sure hope I did it right. Now I'm off to get my merry merry on by reading all the links!

    1. TRASH TALK??? Are you kidding me? I love you.


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