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Monday, December 3, 2012

Gushing Over House of Hepworths...

"Haven" was my first blogging conference and I tried really hard to take my husband's advice..."Do not bring shame to your family."
He knows me well.
He knows that my cocktail for disaster is one part nerves and one part large crowds. 
I made a "Conference No-No's" list. 
Two things that I should have included on that list:
1. Do not offer to breastfeed fancy bloggers. Read about that awkward moment here.
2. Do not lurk and creep on Allison from House of Hepworths.
The great thing about Allison? She's a laugher. No matter how much I drooled gushed over her, she just laughed. 
Allison is as fun, generous of spirit, and down to earth as she seems on her blog.

See? I have a death grip on Allison...and I'm sitting on her lap. 
Not creepy at all.
I am over the moon to be guest hosting at Allison's place today. Meet me at House of Hepworths to hear about my big stencil fiasco adventure.

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  1. what a cool website u have its so funny great way to start my day!


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