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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Christmas Puppy...One Year Later

*Remember our Christmas puppy, Big George? Here is a look back... Happy Holidays!

This may go down as the best Christmas EV.ER!
(If you need the back story to our puppy obsession adventure...
click here!)
After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with our Indiana aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma, we pointed our swagger wagon toward our St. Louis family! The SIL's (think sister-in-law mafia!) were hiding our surprise Christmas puppy, Big George!
We had kept this secret for over a month, but those last five hours on the road trip By the time I saw the arch, I was in full out "stupid talk!" 
I was delivering a constant stream about the weather, the traffic, "remember to say 'please' and 'thank you'" and "Raise your hand if you think I am funnier than Dad!"
When we finally arrived, the SIL's presented a box with a stuffed animal puppy inside. While my kiddos were wisely saying their "thank you's", Big George was carried in! 
A lot of shock, disbelief, and squealing (ok, I did most of the squealing!) later, we had our puppy.

George takes a trip in the swagger wagon...home!
A boy and his dog...

I find myself comparing everything he does with our old girl, Shelby. "Remember when Shelby played wolf-dog?" and "Shelby always..."
He has some big, proverbial shoes to fill. Considering the size of his paws, I'm sure he'll find his way. is our guy this year!


  1. Dogs make a family complete, for when they are gone there is a piece of our hearts missing - Merry Christmas! Patty/BC

    1. That's so true! George has been such a blessing to our family! Aaaand...we spoil him rotten!

  2. What a baby. We got our Christmas puppy three years ago. Our youngest keeps insisting his birthday is on Christmas Day rather than November 1. It does somehow make sense though.

    1. I think he is right on the money! Their life of luxury started the day that came into our homes, huh?

  3. So cute. Isn't it funny how much older and wiser he looks a year later? While we just look sillier and younger as the years go by....

    1. Ain't that the truth? He looks wise because he knows that he rules the roost!


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