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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let March Madness Begin!

We are a sporty family in this house.
We play sports.
We watch sports.         
We obsess over sports.           
My mister writes about sports.
I am super excited to share that HouseTalkN is going all 
HouseTalkN is joining forces with sponsor extraordinaires, Checkered Moon and Room Service to bring you our A Game! 
We will be doing a GIVEAWAY each week in March! 
That's right- FOUR GIVEAWAYS from Checkered Moon and Room Service!
Each Sunday night in March, HouseTalkN will announce the loot and kick off the giveaway of the week. (Beginning March 4th!)
The winner will be announced the following Saturday- GAME NIGHT!
(Teaser- Jonathon Adler awesomeness may or may not be involved!)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shadow Dancing...

You might remember that I'm a bit of a nut about lighting
I once asked my friend "When do you get good lighting in your house?" She gave a polite answer but I saw the look in her eyes. The "Were you dropped on your head as a child?" look. 
When I busted into said friends house to play with her round dining table and her purdy china on a sunny afternoon, I got my answer. 
As I was shooting pictures of her tablescape, the light suddenly changed. Voila! There it was.  
She pretended to not be alarmed as I chased shadows around her home, trying desperately to capture the moment on film. 
This is why I am so grateful for my friends. They know that I am a whackadoodle and they love me anyway. 
Here are a few of the shots from my shadow dance party.

The stained glass made the light even more beautiful.

I saw a movie many years ago, "In The Gloaming" that was a beautiful movie, with a beautiful house, and stunning lighting. It was nirvana for a house stalker with a side of light obsession.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

From My Table To Yours...

When my decorating ADHD kicked in (again!), I wanted to play dress up set up a new tablescape.  I was bored with my own table and my own dishes, so I called my friend and neighbor, Karen
Even though she was in the middle of eighty-seven projects of her own, she responded "Come on over!" (Although, I may have heard slight eye rolling)
We started with an already purdy tablescape...

 I started pulling goodies out of her buffet before she could say "Get the %^&$ out of my house!"

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I happened to see some raunchy paper napkins in her drawers. 

(For a lookiloo at the rest of Karen's house, click here.)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Swimsuit Issue Arrived...

THE DOG DID IT!                                            

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HouseTalkN's Top Laundry Rooms!

I am not too proud to share that a reoccurring fantasy of mine is to have a laundry room like these. 
All the other mother's would say "She knows her way around the laundry room, if you know what I'm sayin'."

I mean, REEEEALLY? Fresh flowers in a laundry room? I have raunchy soccer cleats smelling up my laundry room. Really.

Three is never a crowd! Do I spy with my little eye three machines? Genius. 

Thank goodness for the "laundry" sign above the window. I might have been confused, otherwise. This is my favorite. I love a purdy table to fold my laundry on. Although, I haven't seen the table surface of my own since 1997. 

REEEEEALLY? Is a laundry room really supposed to have artwork? And granite? And, what's with the mirror? Have you ever once stopped to check yourself out while folding undies? If I had this laundry room, I would wear the undies on my head and do a happy dance for myself in that mirror!
Source: via Chantel on Pinterest

I predict that the next laundry room trend will be a mini-bar, a wine fridge or maybe even a built in keg spout. Ladies, we work hard and dog gone it, we deserve it.
My laundry room is in our basement, aka "THE DUNGEON". It is right next to the room we affectionately call "Mrs. Bates' room." (Yes, we are saving for therapy)
Instead of swooning or polishing the granite or arranging fresh flowers, my laundry room makes me feel like:

How about you? Do you know your way around the laundry room?

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Booze Buffet!

1. I love a buffet. I'm from Indiana and we love our buffets!
2. What's better than a buffet? A booze buffet!
3. This buffet came from my local Restore for $75 buck-a-roos! 

                   This is what my buffet looked like at noon today....
                           By wine o'clock 5 o'clock it looked like this...

                   "Everyone needs a hobby, dear...Mine is cocktails."

I moved the mirror from my mantle- you can mix a drink while checking teeth and nose for strays.

                                                      And, Voila!

I make a mean mojito- come on over!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A House Tour!

Usually, when I hear that a house is going to be for sale, I get excited for a new lookiloo! 
Not so this time. 
This house has been home to a staple family in our neighborhood. From our neighborhood parties at Clark Park, to little league baseball games, to the soccer field- this family has been a big part of our community. 
While everyone is excited for the new adventures that await this family, we will miss them. 
If you would like to join a neighborhood of fourth of July parades, country club fireworks in your backyard, movie nights in the park and Halloween extravaganzas, this is the house for you. (Not to mention that it is a fantastic house!)

It would be easy to dub this a "cute little cape cod." It is actually the house that seems to go on and on.

The light fixtures

Anyone who lives in an older home can tell you that closet space is a rare luxury. This home boasts of built-ins and walk in closets that make me swoon!
So...if you are a fun family that enjoys neighborhood life, please join our community! 
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