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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Funnies...

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

When Should You Plant Annuals?

You might remember that my pops is a garden guy. The garden expert of our family. Retired from owning his own landscape company. Mr. Green Thumb.
He freely gives gardening advice. 
He has a wealth of gardening knowledge. 
He has a master plan for my lawn.
Turns out, he was right about me all those years ago. 
I just don't listen. 
Give me an inch and I take a mile.
He has told me time and time again- "Do not plant annuals until May." 
I just don't listen.

I couldn't take looking at this $%@#! one more day. 

Similar to the time he told me "You are not to be gallivanting all over town on the back of that boy's motorcycle!" 
If I just accept a ride home on the back of that boy's motorcycle, that does not equal "gallivanting all over town!"
If I just plant a few hardy pansies and ivy in my front pots, that does not count. Nope.

I just don't listen.
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Houses Are Like Relationships...The "Bad Boy" House

The "Bad Boy" of Houses!

This is the house that you know is bad for you but you still lust after!

"It has great bones," you might say. "I could save this house."

Or "I can't help it, I've never felt this way about a house before" or "There is such great potential."

And my personal favorite, "It is meant to be!"

Get your big girl pants on and make the tough choices!

Otherwise, the Bad Boy House will take all of your time, money and energy.

There you'll be, waking up with a big, fat mortgage and maybe a few little second mortgages.

You'll wonder "How the @!#$%^&*! did I get here and why didn't I listen to my friends?"

MLS#2105461, $235,000

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow...Wordless Wednesday

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It's A Par-Taaay!

This week, I'm co-hosting the Tuesday Time Out Party with Reasons To Skip The Housework!  Feel free to link up here or there, the party will show up on both of our blogs!  

Have fun!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Talk About "Signature Pieces"!

What does your house say about you? Does it reflect your personality? Are you brave with your signature pieces or do you play it safe? (This is coming from someone who decorates with white, white and white!) 
This is a sneak peek into a house- full tour is on the schedule, so stay tuned- that is all about the signature pieces and playing bold.
"Go big or go home!"
Take a lookiloo:

When I first walked in this home, the dogs (besides the four real doggies) were the second thing I noticed. The first thing I noticed was that this is a fun people live here.
"Go big or go home!" 
This is a place to kick up your heels, have a brewsky and say "What the &^%$ is up with the dawgs?"

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Sunday, March 25, 2012


The final GIVEAWAY for the March Madness giveaway extravaganza is all about JONATHON ADLER
Just take a lookiloo at these Jonathan Adler "Bargello" pillows! 
"These gorgeous pillows will surely bring a happy chic mood to your home! Nothing says "March Madness" like the colorful and bold designs of Jonathan Adler!"
~Sharon from Checkered Moon

Here is my bff, Jonathan Adler.
Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

You will be entered once for each of the following (Remember to leave a comment letting me know!):
~You must follow HouseTalkN.
For extra entries:
~"Like" Checkered Moon on Facebook.
~"Like" HouseTalkN on Facebook.

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So You Think You Can Dance?

My bloggy peeps and I had so much fun with our dance off last week, that we decided to share a summer series "BLOGGERS DANCE OFF!"
I got so many messages proclaiming that y'all "haven't danced in years" or that you "wish you had the courage to dance it off!" 
Well, that is just unacceptable! Get your groove thaang on and join the par-taay!
I might be a 40 year old soccer mom, but this movie still makes me "shake my maracas!"

Summer Dance Off Series: 
-The first Monday of each month, MAY, JUNE and JULY!
-All hawt bloggers share a post of yourself DANCING IT UP on your blog!

In case you missed our moves last week:

The Bearded Iris

Divine Secrets Of A Domestic Diva

Angela Shelton 


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Real Estate Sampler...

**Full disclosure: I know think that my neighborhood is the best neighborhood in the country.

This house just happens to be a few blocks from my own.
This house just happens to sit on Clark Park, the best park in town. (Think of kiddos playing in sandbox, neighborhood parties, campouts in the park, 4th of July extravaganza and a Halloween parade!)
This house just happens to be one block from The Champaign Country Club.
This house just happens to be three blocks from a neighborhood school.
This house just happens to BE FOR SALE!

Won't you be my neighbor?
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And, The Winner Is...

There are some bloggers that just jump across the blogosphere and smack you in the face. Farrah from "The Three Under" blog does that. (In the nicest possible smacking way!) I think she is the bees knees. Check her out. Now. 
So...I am really excited to announce that she is the winner of the Trina Turk rug and cocktail napkins.

Thank you to sponsor extraordinaire, Checkered Moon and Room Service by Checkered Moon for hosting HouseTalkN's MARCH MADNESS Giveaways!

Check back tomorrow for the big MARCH MADNESS FINALE! 
(TEASER- can you say "JONATHON ADLER"??)

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Saturday Funnies...

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