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Saturday, June 30, 2012

It Ain't The House...

I have made this argument with my children many times- 
"It ain't the shoes - just RUN!" or "It ain't the bat, just SWING!"
Same argument applies to houses.  It ain't the house- just LIVE!  
I have been to some fancy schmancy houses that were, well, just that- HOUSES.  No sign of who the owners were, no books to clue me in, no pictures on the fridge, no artwork, no backpacks as boobytraps in the foyer and no boogie fingerprints on the doors/windows/walls.   
I love "purdy" as much or more than the next person.  You may remember that I even consider myself a "neatfreak".  
BUT, family life trumps purdy and order.   
As I sit here, (doing very important "work") my laundry room looks like a bomb went off,  there is a layer of dust so thick that I could swim laps in it and I haven't seen the floor in my son's room since 2009!  
Yes, these things bother me, but I as my therapist sister would say, "I'm letting go- I am prioritizing my life goals."  Ehhhh....
Here is what I DO know.  After visiting my house, you will know who I am and what is important to me.  You will know that it ain't the house.  I love our house,  but it's the little things that will tell you who we are.
It will start when you turn onto our street.  We will either be biking, playing baseball in the street, basketball in the driveway, or soccer in the yard.  The worlds problems will be getting solved in a neighbors treehouse.  A lemonade stand might be open.

If it is after dark, chances are that we'll be playing "Bloody Murder" or "Ghosts in the Graveyard".   
The ladies might be enjoying  what we've dubbed "drinks in the driveway."

If we make it indoors at all, you'll see all the clues of who we are.
It's the growth chart on our basement door.
It's the countless piles of sports equipment.
It's the crowded bookshelves.
It's the lunch boxes and the backpacks.
It's the "No Whining" sign.

I won't wait on you hand and foot. If you want a beer, assume it is in the fridge and help yourself.  
This is my kind of coffee table book!

This "art" hangs in my kitchen!

We will laugh and we will make fun of each other and we will fuss and fight. But at the end of the day, as much as we love it here, we know-

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Scored Louie Chairs At A Yard Sale!

A Chair Affair!
When we have guests over, we ask that they sign a "We won't sue you if your chairs fall out from under us and cause bodily harm or extreme embarrassment" waiver.
Not only are our dining chairs wiggly, but they also sing a chorus of squeaks at the slightest touch.
New dining chairs, however, rank very low on the priority list around here.  Our four small people don't seem to be moving out anytime soon and they are so demanding with all of their "we need food and clothing" blah, blah, blah's! dining chair lust has been confined to Pinterest only. Louis chairs are women's porn my obsession of choice.

Source: via Room on Pinterest

So...when I stumbled around the block (fully hopped up on coffee) to my neighbors yard sale,  and I saw Louis chairs,  I broke out in a full sprint that looked like this:

Ok, so maybe more like this:

I could not believe my eyes! Louis chairs that were calling for me...waiting for me! Some might even call it destiny.

Cue music for "Beverly Hillbillies"

Trying to rally my courage to use this fabric on the medallion

Here is my plan of attack:
1. Strip current fabric from chairs.
2. Paint with the palest grey chalk paint. (Annie Sloan "Paris Grey" or "French Linen" would be a dreamboat!)
3. Beg gal pal and sewer extraordinaire, Pam, to help reupholster.
4. Have a dinner party free of "Don't sue me" waivers!

                                             This is what I am thinking...what say you?

                                                                               Source: via Kate on Pinterest

(If the yard sale house looks familiar, you might remember "A Storybook Cottage For Sale")

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Haven Conference NIGHTMARE!

I just returned from the Haven Conference in Atlanta and my brain is reeling from all that I learned and the abs that I didn't know had even survived the baby marathon hurt from laughing so much! 
Whoever comes up with the best headline for this shot, wins one Bud Light from HouseTalkN!
As I collapsed into my own bed last night, I fell asleep wondering "What if I forget EVERYTHING?!?"
Catch phrases and tips and blog names and tutorials were flashing through my brain like a 70's disco reel! 
Take a lookiloo into my nightmare: 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Victorian House Tour

When Jon and Jennifer heard that the house across the street was for sale, they decided to take a peek.
With a growing family and the desire for an art studio, (they are a family of artists and/or art lovers!) in 2004, they made the move...across the street!
While a stately home, this house has a distinct individuality.  When I asked Jennifer what style she would use to describe her home, she shared that "it doesn't really fit neatly into any one category....Our house may best be described as Victorian Neoclassical style due to the cornices, the symmetry (of the original home), and fairly sparse decoration on the exterior."
Built in 1832 as a four room house, this beauty has undergone many changes!  Jon and Jennifer not only added a master suite, but they also reconfigured a neighboring garage into an art studio!
I felt like a tourist in Paris- I spent most of my tour looking up!  The light fixtures in this home  Jennifer agreed that the chandeliers were a big influence in the decision to make the leap across the street!
Here is a lookiloo at the "House of Lights!"

The lines in this home were stunning!

Photograph by Pavel Banka

This light fixture was set off by the deep green silk wallcoverings

A family of artists!
I had a wonderful time stalking touring this house- Jon and Jennifer were so gracious and forgiving of my "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing!"
Which was your favorite light fixture?

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House of Glass...Wordless Wednesday

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50 Shades of Grey...Meh...

I have to admit that all of this buzz about 50 Shades of Smut Grey has me interested.
I had no intention of reading until a friend texted me "This book is so awesome...but...I don't think you would like it."
Say what? I am no prude, little missy. 
Because I am immature and defensive, I demanded to know why. "Well...just read it before you judge it." 
When did I become Judgie McJudgerson?
Then, I remembered all of the snide comments I had been making about 50 Shades of Get A Life Grey.
Ok, it's true. I don't want to read it. I'm not going to read it. My life is already packed with enough sexy to make Hugh Hefner blush. Totally true.
BUT! I will share a book that I think is sexy and HAWT!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A House Tour Of All House Tours!

Editor's Note: Jessica's guest post may or may not be an attempt to appease me...I've been threatening to pack up my family and move into her gorgeous home! 

Hey all you HouseTalkN readers, I'm Jessica from Stay at Home-ista. I was so excited when Kerry asked me to share with you. If she were here I'd be happy to have her house-stalk me; although I'd probably just invite her right in:)

Here's my quick story. I'm a Harvard-trained architect, now staying home with 3 small children (all under the age of 5 (I also have a love of parenthesis!)). I was lucky enough to be able to buy an empty plot of land, only 2 miles from where I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I designed and built our dream home. Throughout the process I acted as the Project Architect while my husband acted as the general contractor, so I probably know more about every nook and corner of our house than I would ever need to know! Now I'm in the decorating stage, spending my days mommy-ing, blogging, baking and occasionally craft-making. I'm putting my passion for design, food and family to work. I built the dream, but I still live in reality.

I have finally cleaned up my Living Room enough to be able to take "proper" pictures of it, you know, ones without children racing through the frame or a pillow fort on the couch.

Out those big doors is our deck.

We actually eat breakfast and dinner in our Dining Room everyday, so it's well used and usually has a high chair pulled up to it! It's very June Cleaver of me, but I love the family meals and when you see my kitchen you'll understand why I'm happy to cook everyday!

This is "my" Library. I'm still working on the styling of the shelves, most of the time I start, then just throw everything up there, toss the toys on the bottom two shelves and promise to try again another day.

Now for my absolute favorite. The Kitchen. I even have an organized spice drawer, kitchen clock, hidden trash, and a pantry. Then for my mommy-ing side we incorporated a morning launching pad, and redone family command center to help me keep track of all the goings on.

I've been working on our gallery wall that goes up the stairs to the bedroom level. Our entry also houses my mom's piano, that I grew up with. Too bad none of us play (yet).

The loft has an awesome 8' high deer decal (I have a *small* love affair with decals). And I know it also appears that I have a love affair with deer as well, if they giant, glossy deer head over the living room mantle means anything. I'll either have to work it out in therapy or get my big brother to take me hunting...

My Master Bedroom is a serious work in progress. So far I've spruced up the bedding (although I've already made changes since I last took a photo!) and added art above the bed. In case you can't tell they are a series of photographs of Paris, all using the color yellow, I'm kind of in love with them.

The Master Bath is pretty much an all-marble room. Which is awesome until I'm trying to wrangle three wet kids out of *my* tub, then it gets slippery. And I did have dreams of relaxing in a bubble bath here with candles, music a good book, a glass of something... Guess how many times I've been in my own tub? Just once, and it was with the baby. Not exactly what I had been dreaming about.

Then we have some kid bedrooms, our Little Girl's Butterfly Bedroom, although now we've done a Nightstand Switcheroo, so she has more space for all her hoarding collecting.

Our Little Boy's Room has been through quite a few changes in the last few months, we took out the crib, gave him a big-boy bed with construction machine bedding, and we're still working. Here it is still "in progress" and "in use"!

The Pink and Teal Nursery. What can I say? The baby is only 7 months old so she can't ask for any changes yet:)

Click here for a post with paint colors for each room. I hope you all stop by real soon, I'll have a glass of wine ready for you!


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