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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just A Swingin'...Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Painting Glass Lamps...Jonathon Adler Style!

Oh, how I love spray paint!
I have painted everything from picture frames to dressers to jewelry! 
Jonathon Adler lamps have been making my heart swoon...but the price tags make my stomach churn.

I love the glossy paint...swoon.
I love the curvy lines...swoon.
I love the crisp white...swoon.
The $345 price tag...gag.

The glass lamps in my living room started to speak to me. "Yes, we are dated. Yes, we have thing-a-ma-jig hangers. Yes, we have lost our shine." (Yes, this could describe me!) 
I know, I know...boring.

I had half a can of glossy white spray paint in my basement and decided to give my lamps a facelift! 
I had never painted glass before and feared a dripping, gooey mess. No matter...I pushed on.

My daughter got in on the action and cut off the thing-a-ma-jig hangers.
We taped off the cords and the toppers...

We nabbed some colorful frames and vacation seashells...

My lamps and I are feeling a bit less dated and a lot shinier! 
Jonathon Adler they are not...but they will do. (And, we can still buy groceries!)
Have you ever painted glass? Are my lamps going to become a peeling mess?

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Field of Dreams...

Growing up in small town Indiana afforded me many luxuries.  Say huhwha?  You heard me.
Spending last week yukking it up with my sisters- we all invaded the "hometown sister's" house- made me realize what an influence the landscape of our childhood had on us.
While we were busy tending to the business of growing up and turning our parents hair gray, the Indiana landscape was busy shaping each of us.
The smell of freshly mowed grass while I argued "She started it!"
The perfect rows of corn fields between my house and my best friend's farm.
The sway of wheat in the wind while we roared past singing "Sweet Child of Mine!"
The glassy reflection off the lake during those first awkward flirtations.
The sound of crickets over our whispered plans to save the world.
The sound of a combine while I logged in my hoop time each night.  (Basketball is the 11th commandment in Indiana- "thou shall love basketball")
This must be what shaped my "It Ain't The House" outlook.

Once in a blue moon, I get the chance to talk with the friend that grew up on the other side of the cornfield.
 It is always like a breath of fresh Indiana air.  (Not the stinky pig manure kind of Indiana air but the first scents of spring kind of air!)  There is something settling about friends that knew you before you could vote, before families, before careers, before mortgages and waaaay before crows feet tiptoed across your face!
I roared out of town at the end of our visit.  This time, in a minivan.  This time, singing along to Raffi.  Instead of shouting to my girlfriends in the backseat "Pass me the Aquanet!", I shouted to my kiddos  "Pass me my camera!  Just get a look at those fields!"

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'll Meet You "In The Powder Room"

I love my gal pals. 
I love sitting around, telling stories that make each other laugh so hard that someone shouts "I'm going to pee my pants!" 
Ok, that is usually me.
Nonetheless, there is nothing like having a crew of women to share your stories with- the good, the bad and the ugly.
So, when I found "In The Powder Room", I fell in love. It was the same dynamic that my gal pals and I have. Women sharing their stories and laughing themselves silly. Count me in!
I am sharing one of my favorite stories at their place today. 
It ain't your typical HouseTalkN story so beware. If you are the person that tisks at dirty jokes, please don't judge me click over. If you want to read a highly embellished story that includes some funny "GirlTalkN", click here!

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A Brick Colonial...Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Your Picks, Your Place" Sweepstakes!

While I was yukking it up learning tons at Haven Conference, I was hoping to make an "IRL" (that's fancy talk for "In Real Life" of the things I learned at Haven) connection with Apartment Guide's, Allie Burrow. 
We seemed to miss each other at the opening party, at breakfast, and during sessions! It became a joke and we started to play Twitter "Marco...Polo!" As I was leaving a session and typing "Polo" into my phone, I almost stumbled into the woman in front of me.
"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention!" She was very gracious and forgiving...she was typing madly into her phone as well. We laughed and went our different ways.
That night, when introductions were finally made, I couldn't believe it! Allie was actually the woman that I had bumped into while we were playing "Marco Polo" on our phones!
As much fun as we had on Twitter, I was thrilled to find that Allie was as fantastic "IRL"!
So...when I saw that Apartment Guide was partnering with the oh, so talented Kim Myles for "Your Picks. Your Place" sweepstakes, I had to shout about it from the mountaintops! Check out all the details below!

Is your place in need of a style update?  Apartment Guide has partnered with TV host and design expert Kim Myles for the second annual Apartment Guide “Your Picks. Your Place.” Sweepstakes. From now until August 14, visit  to vote once per day for your preferred room design showcasing furniture and home décor items selected by featured bloggers.  The site will feature four different room designs every two weeks. By voting, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize or one of eight $250 weekly prizes to go towards your own selections for your home. While you’re on the site, you can find design and décor tips from Kim Myles, Apartment Guide and featured bloggers to help you design a room that’s uniquely you.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends @ 9:00 PM on 8/14/12, subject to Entry Periods outlined in Official Rules. Must be a US legal resident of the 50 US or DC and 18 years of age or older. Sweepstakes subject to full Official Rules available at Void where prohibited.

Apartment Guide and owner Consumer Source, Inc. partner with bloggers such as me to participate in blogger programs.They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any products and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendation.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Tale Of Two Teachers...Their House Tour!

Keeping my words to a minimum is not my strongpoint, but I have a ton of pictures to share.
 I will give it the old college try!
You might remember that my neighborhood could be referred to as "The Clark Park Mafia!" Once a family moves in, they don't move out. We might move down the block or across the street, but we rarely move out of the 'hood.
This is the case for local teachers, Louie and Bridget. When their friends were moving out of town, Louie and Bridget moved from their small cottage into their friend's federalist colonial, just a few blocks away.
Take a lookiloo...

 I love that at every turn in their home, you will find "teachable moments"...I especially love the "No Whining" sign!

The "reverse" view from the dining room.

This fixture has traveled to 3 homes with Bridget.

1 of the 5 bedrooms acts as "the classroom"... You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher!

Sunroom/art studio.

While I love to stalk admire this house and hear about the history, the most endearing part was seeing how Louie and Bridget have made this a home for their family. 

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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Cutting Edge Stencil Winner Is...

I laughed when I read Alecia's stencil woes...

Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY
I love your makeover! If I had a dollar for every Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway I entered I'd have enough money to buy every stencil! I still love the all over birch forest but since it's over $50 I'll have to go with the Marrakesh allover one!
Well, CONGRATULATIONS, Alecia! Now, go choose a stencil and keep us "posted"! (Get it? "Posted"?)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keepin' It Real at HouseTalkN

I was so happy to get on the "pop culture is bad for women" bandwagon with a group of pals last week. I was really feeling superior to those bitches women who participate in and perpetuate the so-called "Mommy Wars".
Just when the moral high ground was feeling nice and cozy, a pal lumped Pinterest and house blogs into the mix of culprits. "Everything is always perfect and beautiful and it just adds to the Are You Mom Enough? firestorm."
Say what? 
I went a little Al Pacino. "Are you talkin' to me?" 
Sure, I write a house blog. 
Sure, I spend days strung out on a few minutes on Pinterest.
But..but...but...we are all smart enough to know that these are just purdy images that are staged and that just beyond the shot is a pile of all the junk we swept aside for the picture? Right? RIGHT?
Here is my "keepin' it real" penance. 
In case you think that I walk around looking like this everyday: 

Here is how I usually roll:

If you think my house always looks like this:

Help me, Lawd. I can't believe that I am showing this to you but I want to be welcomed back into the righteous fold.
Here is -gasp-my son's never before seen room:

There you have it. Full disclosure.
Keepin' it real at HouseTalkN.
Now, I have to go badger my son about that @#$% room.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Name That Movie House - Or Chug Your Coffee!

My college girlfriends and I leave random voicemails for each other throughout the year.
It is a rare occasion that we actually make a real time connection.

I happened to find a free moment (what's that, right?) last month and dialed up one of my old drinking buddies college roommates.
As always, we picked up right where we left off.

Nevermind that we hadn't talked in months.
Nevermind that we haven't seen each other in years.
Nevermind that she has photos of me with blue eye shadow and hair the size of Texas.

Our chat made me think of singing along to The Violent Femmes.
Spring break with $147 dollars between us....5 of us!

Our chat made me remember how everything could be turned into a game...a challenge.
"Name that movie!"
"Who sings?"
"7 seconds to name that song!"


Here is the grown up version- NAME THAT MOVIE HOUSE!  Ten houses and ten seconds to name them OR  chug your coffee, tea, latte, or whatever your drink of choice has become!

I might just challenge my Mister to a game of quarters tonight.  Every time someone in the house says, "Mooooommmmy", we chug.
I kid.  I kid.  Stop writing to DCFS, already.

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