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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Button Tufted Life Shares a House Tour!

Well, isn't this a red letter day!
Cynthia Weber in Niagara- on- the- Lake
 My name is Cynthia and I am thrilled to be over here at HouseTalkN today.
I love Kerry! I only know her from blogland but it seems to me that she has all the attributes of a great friend... funny, clever, creative and doesn't take herself to seriously... Perfect!
So as you can imagine I was getting out the jazz hands when she asked if I wanted to give a little house tour today!
I am a decorator, my husband and I run a custom interiors business together and we share all our projects, travels, entertaining ideas etc. over at our blog A Button Tufted Life...
12 Front Yard

This is our home that we designed and built a few years ago.
There is a story that goes with this house... Kent came home one day with an eight foot antique hoop top door... so we designed a house around it!
Yes, we are " those " kind of people.
I will show you around outside first...

from the flats
back patio
on our table 1
I could have shown you winter photos... but I thought a bit of summer might be more fun on a February morning!
Relaxing back here is nice. With large trees all around and the patio looking down on the gardens, it is a calming place to sit with friends and a glass of wine... or two.
Shall we go in?

living room
The door that started it all leads into the living room.
I like to use an collected eclectic style because that is who we are... the ottoman in this room is a piece that we made using antique legs and Ralph Lauren fabric. The rug is Angela Adams.
We will head up the stairs first and check out my studio...
studio 1
studio 2
I love working in this space. All of my samples easily on hand and a great table to sit with clients and play!
The little settee is a favorite piece of mine, it holds my invoices and letterhead.
Ok, Back downstairs now...
dining room
The living room leads into the dining room. It is country casual with linen slipcovered chairs and a mix of antiques and art.
Little chairs used as display on table
From the dining room we go into the open concept kitchen and family room.
This is where we spend most of our time.
kitchen 2
I wanted a unique kitchen, I made some sketches and worked with a cabinetmaker. Having the open shelving for uppers works well for us, we cook and entertain often and love the accessibility it offers... I also love displaying the shelves!
The island is made using an antique buffet as the base and a salvaged top. Kent refinished the top and added bracing underneath.
The bowl on the island is carved by Kent... he makes beautiful woodenware and folk art.
family room after
At the back of the house is the family room. Two transom doors lead out to the backyard patio from here.
We actually just finished the wainscoting project... paint may still be a little wet! (If you would like to see the before and after give a click.)
family room after 1
Would you perhaps like to see the master bedroom?
Here it is:
master bedroom
Master Bedroom details
Located off the kitchen ( handy for snacks and for when we are old!) our bedroom is an oasis for us.
I used an icy spa blue for walls and mixed it with steel grey and white.
We found this amazing clock (dated 1793) at an auction and didn't know where to go with it...
I think it works well in here although I did get a fright the first night when I woke up and thought there was a very large person staring down at me!
The sink base in the ensuite is a salvaged table, both side chairs were redone for the room and the little bench below the print is actually a child size buggy seat.

I think that just about wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed seeing our home, I certainly enjoyed showing it to you.
emmitt by the fire
Emmitt is our mini doxy and my media guru...
He suggests I include a few links in case you are interested in seeing what we get up to next or want help with your home projects... Blog , Pinerest, E-Design Packages,
Big thank you Kerry for letting me come play at Home TalkN today!!!


  1. You have a lovely home, Cynthia! I love your colors and all of the architectural details. I wish I could join you for a glass of wine on the patio!!

    1. Boy, they did it right, huh? I'll bring the wine, meet you on her patio!

  2. Replies
    1. Let's meet on her patio for a blogger's par-taay? Thanks, Kirbs!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous! Can I come live with you? hee hee

    1. Let's pack our bags and carpool to her place, k? Thanks, Shanna!

  4. Glad you like it girls!! Bring the wine... the patio is fine, although... a bit snowy today! ;)

    1. Thank you so much for the tour of your amazing house, Cynthia!

  5. Love it....makes me want to add those upper shelf supports in MY kitchen!

    1. Thanks, Christine! Aren't those uppers amazing?

  6. Wow what an absolutely beautiful home inside and out! Oh how I would love to sit in that backyard on summer nights!

    1. Wouldn't this yard be perfect for summer soirees?? Thanks, Robyn!

  7. I adore the kitchen and the entire home is gorgeous. The outside of the home is just my style. It would be hard for me not to stop and stare at this house if I passed by. Very charming!

    1. This house would def be on my run route, but I would walk slooooowly by for the view! Thanks, Melinda!


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