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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Ways Momma Knows Best

*Please give a big ole welcome to Erin and Ellen of Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms blog for guest posting while I am in Haiti!

What would make our lives easier? On a practical note, our cell phones, laptops, dishwashers, and high capacity washers enable our busy worlds to turn round and round. But let's dream a little bigger. How about cooks, drivers, personal shoppers and gardeners? But how about if we went REALLY big picture with this list? You know what would make our lives truly blissful and carefree? If we never had to worry about our kids. Well that may be the impossible dream, but we could get close if they would just accept . . .

Ten Ways Momma Knows Best

1. Embrace “Hard work beats talent every time when talent hardly works.” If you’re blessed, good for you, but you can’t coast. It also holds true for those with a bigger hill to climb: Hard work wins the day. Always. Never stop moving forward. One step at a time. 
2. Let us pick out their dates, boyfriends and girlfriends, and—heck, why not dream big—their future spouses. If we have to admit members into our happy clans, bouncer rights would be heavenly. 
3. Absolutely listen to us when we tell them they are making mistakes. What is the point of crow’s feet if you can’t
force feedshare the wisdom that comes with them? 
4. Get full scholarships to college. Then we all could enjoy vacation homes in Vail and Florida. 
5. Never lie to us. Things would just be so much easier and safer. We would then know when to dispense our awesome wisdom. And we could stop checking their mind-numbing Facebook walls. 
6. Learn that they are not invincible before anyone gets hurt. Face facts that despite their deepest, most profound wish, they are not superheroes made of steel. Bodies break, hearts hurt, and minds reel. If they can’t always proceed with the air of caution we would like, they should have a healthy dose of common sense. Then we won’t need to bubble-wrap them or have the local hospital on speed-dial. 
7. Be their Best Selves. Each of our kids has an alter-ego that wants to bring them down. Whether it’s Miss Cool-io or Mister Jock-Jerk, these alter-egos are never welcome and usually highlight all the aspects of their personalities we are hoping to nurture right out of them. If they would just always let their true, best selves be the one they showed to the world, our jobs would be done. 
8. Honor their siblings. It’s not a commandment, but it should be. They are darn lucky we chose to give them accomplices, er friends, on their life’s journey. They can show us some gratitude with a little brotherly (and sisterly) love. Erin’s boys are on notice here: Backyard games are not Olympic events---take it down a notch, boys! 
9. Remember that we are on their team. We don’t have t-shirts, yet, but we are not above promoting the fabulousness of our offspring. That being said, if they have stepped in a mess, the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can help clean it up. There is no use spinning wheels in mud when Momma has the chain. Reach out and fess up. Quick. 
10. Be brave, bold, honorable, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, loving, funny additions to the world and share that with someone every day. Then they can make eveyone’s lives better, not just ours. But you know what the thing is about easy? It’s not only unattainable, it’s boring. And if our kids are anything, they are not boring. We're going to have to buckle up, let them go their own ways, pray the mistakes are not insurmountable, and enjoy the ride. - There is one solution to every problem. Listen to Your Mother!

*Ellen and Erin. Two friends. One Blog. Creating a Sisterhood of Motherhood online by proving that funny and sensible are not mutually exclusive.


  1. Aw- I don't have kids, but I feel like these can apply to a lot of relationships in our lives! Love this post and will share with my own mom :)

  2. Love the "Never lie to us." I always tell my son that I know when he's lying. He asks how, and I say "Because I know everything." For now, I think he actually believes me.

  3. @anothercleanslate Yes, I would like to live in a world where everyone applied these rules to their lives! Great idea. Ellen

  4. Great advice. Like your last suggestion, that's usually the last thing I tell them when they are leaving the car in the morning. Do something kind for someone today -- someone that is feeling left out. And they don't listen to my counsel. They hear it, but if it is something they are bound and determined to do -- they are going to do it. And learn from the consequences.


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