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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding The Funny And A GIVEAWAY!

 Welcome to April's Finding the Funny! Before we start sharing our funny posts, we have a (huge) giveaway!

My Parenting Victory (and a HUGE giveaway)!

On Easter Sunday, getting my girls ready for church was turning into an all out battle of the hair brush. "Daddy says that we can wear a baseball cap instead of brushing our hair." 
I left the girls rolling around on their beds, lamenting the evils of hair brushing. As I was drying my own hair and mumbling "Daddy is stupid," the apocalypse erupted. Apparently, the dog joined in on the bed rolling and sat on the dreaded brush, tangling it into his tail hair. The girls were chasing the jirating and yelping dog, shouting, "THE BRUSH IS IN HIS BUTT! THE BRUSH IS IN HIS BUTT!" 
Wearing a bra, panty hose and fuzzy slippers, I chased, cornered, and tackled the terrified dog, removed the brush and shouted, "THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST.BRUSHED.YOUR.HAIR!"
Let's hope that this battle is won and finished. Next.
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It's Finding the Funny Time!

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  1. Well that'll teach 'em to listen to mom the first time... well, hopefully! Once again mom swoops in to save the day. Thanks for sharing your great parenting victory and for teaming up with us on this huge giveaway!


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