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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Confessions and a Link Party!

When my siblings and I get together, there is no shortage of stories. There is no shortage of laughter. There is no shortage of horrifying our mother.
We were "adventuresome" children, to put it mildly. We grew up in small town Indiana. Sure, we did all the idyllic things like catching lightning bugs and playing neighborhood hide and seek. Those are the stories that I tell my children. 
But, there are stories that I don't want my children to know. There are childhood shenanigans that I don't want my children to repeat. Meet me In The Powder Room to hear about one such shenanigan. I'm hoping that the statute of limitations will protect me from legal proceedings.
The ITPR editor and genius that is The Bearded Iris took to PicMonkey to make this image for my post. Cue "Stand By Me" soundtrack...

Now, let's party!

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The Rules

Link up an old or new funny post. Link up as many times as you want (we're serious.) The party is open until Friday at midnight. The earlier you link up, the more clicks you'll get. Click around and meet the other funny bloggers that are linking up. Follow the Finding the Funny Pinterest board. We'll all be pinning our favorites throughout the month. We don't ask you to link back to us or include a button on your blog, but we do ask you to send out a tweet or post about the party on your Facebook page. Be sure to use #findingthefunny.


  1. LOL Ok I went over to "the powder room" and that was hysterical! "just. like. this. one. LOL!! Too much..

    1. Oopsy! Let's pray that my children take after their well behaved father! Thanks, Robyn!

  2. YAY! I found you over there In the Powder Room with Leslie.

    (Who I love!)

    Why have I not found you before? I'm apparently lame. So, sorry. I'm here now though!

    1. Your comment ITPR made me snort laugh! Thank you so much for popping by my place!


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