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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Motherhood, The Land Of Gross

Motherhood does not care if you are squeamish. Motherhood does not care if you are a manicure type of gal. Motherhood does not care if you gag at the thought of vomit, poop, snot, blood, or any combination of those.
All of the parenting magazines show us lovely pictures of well groomed mothers holding their well behaved children. Sunsets, beaches and glitter are usually included.
The only photos I have that look like that, I photoshopped.
In real life, we may or may not shower on a regular basis. 
In real life, we are digging through baby poop, searching for that swallowed item.
In real life, we are washing vomit sheets while the vomit in our hair reminds us of a movie we saw long, long ago- Something About Mary.
Motherhood is The Land Of Gross.
The Land Of Gross that never ends. 
Just when I thought I had left The Land Of Gross, we got a dog. 
Having a dog is similar to having children. We love Big George. He makes our lives richer. He is here to stay. 
BUT, with the good, comes the gross.
Today, I am sharing a trip to The Land Of Gross. The Land Of Gross is especially fun when there is a crowd of strangers to witness your trip. 
Meet me In The Powder Room and share your grossest mothering story.
Then, I got a dog...


  1. Darling, You were never "normal". xoxo

  2. Ha ha! He looks like he wants you to stop so he can get back to his nap!

    1. He was the anti-puppy. He has always been so chill- and then came the great baseball poop of 2013! Thanks for popping by, Cyndi!

  3. if this kinda normal is wrong, i don't wanna be right. that pup is gorgeous. i think i might need one like him. share details as we have only had fluffy shihtzus and i'm scared to death of shedding but i just know it would be 'emotional progress' if i could adjust to the gross of it.

    smiles and happy mama's day!


    1. I must admit that Big George is the prince of our family! We all adore him something crazy! Goldens do shed but it is so worth it.


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