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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Good Mattress Makes All The Difference!

We have had the same mattress in our den of love for almost 20 years. Our pals at Illini Mattress hooked us up. I remember trying out each mattress, practicing my peaceful, resting positions. Had I known what was coming, I would have tested the mattress by beating it with a baseball bat. I had no idea that this mattress would hold not just me and husband, but it would wind up being the "go to" spot for our 4 children and 2 dogs.
Dog afraid of a thunderstorm? Our bed. 
Child had a nightmare? Our bed.
You threw up in your bed? Our bed.
Movie night? Our bed.
Need to hide from the person ringing the doorbell? Our bed.
Twenty years later and it's time for a new mattress? Illini Mattress!
Remember the neighborhood mom office, the moffice? Sometimes, we have moved the moffice to the bedroom. 
Like this:
Then, there was that unfortunate Elf On The Shelf situation...
Most comfortable mattress ever? Illini Mattress.
Here is the best thing about Illini Mattress. Not only are they a locally owned family business with amazing inventory, they also have the best customer service on the planet. 
Owner, Ed Stout is known for house calls. He has also been known to help carry groceries for clients while on said house calls. 
Need a mattress? Take my word for it. Illini Mattress.

*elf not included


  1. I love the pictures!! You are hysterical!! We have had our bed for about 5 years after the great air conditioner flood ruined our bedroom. I wanted to get the king size since we have a small army in our bed, but no, husband wanted space in our room (silly, silly man) now every night as one or two kids try to get in our bed, or sneak in while we are sleeping I say to him, and you didn't want to get the king size! Aren't you glad I shared that story with you!! Lol! Thanks for the fun post! (I do think the elf should be included!)

  2. I have often thought that our bed looks like the Willy Wonka bed- who the heck are all these people/dogs?


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