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Monday, July 22, 2013

Chalk One Up For Team Mom

There are many days that my scorecard reads: Children- 672. Mom- 0.
There are always witnesses when I am on the ropes. I always seem to be at the grocery, ballpark, church, soccer field, PTA meeting or doctor's office when my children pummel my dignity into the ground. 
"Step right up! Gather around! See this mother lose her f*&^$%-ing mind!"
Well, I finally scored a victory for moms everywhere. Sadly, there weren't any other mothers to bear witness. I practically gave myself a high five. It was a beautiful moment. Party for one.
I'm telling all about it In The Powder Room today. Meet me there and share your own parenting victories. 
If we meet on the street, feel free to offer a high five or chest bump. 


  1. If you had been the mother of one of my friends, I would have thought you were the BEST mother and definitely the funniest. NOt one of my friends had a mother that was funny. Not even a little funny. Your kids might squirm at your craziness but their friends will always remember it!

    1. That's right! I live to make those kiddos squirm!


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