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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Instagram For Kids?

Last week, I submitted my weekly post for In The Powder Room. Apparently, "Instagram and kids" was also on the mind of ITPR editor-in-chief The Bearded Iris.
We had both written about the Instagram dilemma from different perspectives. 
Once again, I was reminded that there are no "right" answers. Through trial and error, we all make the best parenting decisions that we can. 
The choices that I make are not an attack on those who choose differently. 
I am a more vigilant parent because of the dangers pointed out in her piece. I am grateful for her perspective. 
Sharing our choices in a public way is a vulnerable place to be. As I read the comments on her post, I held my breath. I was fearful that someone would lash out at her for her choice. Images of the "mommy wars" myth danced in my head. 
The comments were thoughtful and honest and respectful. It made me want to smooch every single commenter. It made me want to hold hands and sing songs! 
So, to all of you that comment on our blogs, know that we are grateful. We are vulnerable and we are thankful that you read our perspectives and comment with grace- even when you disagree. Thank you.
Yukking it up with The Bearded Iris
My story: Instagram And KidsHer story: Instagram Is No Place For Kids


  1. It makes me happy when intelligent, articulate women can feel two different ways about something, listen to the other's opinion, and try to take something helpful from it instead of breaking down into finger pointing and accusations.

    I hope you get your chore-doer back soon, and he remembers that the internet trail is a real thing :)

    1. I must admit that since reading Leslie's post, I am rethinking the Instagram thing. Those images terrified me!
      Thank you, Angela!

  2. It was interesting to read both of your perspectives. Thank goodness my kids haven't asked me for an account yet! I'm trying to stay one step ahead of them on this whole social media thang but failing fast! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Enjoy these days, Julie! Only 1 of my 4 is interested in Instagram but it is a roller coaster of choices!
      Thank you!


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