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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Watch Your Mouth...

One of the many things that I love about working in my neighborhood mom office, the moffice, is that I can count on brutal honesty.
While trying to come up with a phrase to describe the speakers for our show, That's What She Said, we were rolling like we always roll. Everyone shouting out at the same time. 
"Fearless Women!"
"Women Who Rock!"
"Women's Women!"
That's when I shouted out, "LIFE LIVERS!"
Screeching halt followed by hysterical laughter.
"Did you just say 'Life Livers?' It sounds like a gross organ entree!" 
It was possibly the dumbest thing I had ever said. Well, besides that time I offered to breastfeed a colleague.
I am In The Powder Room today talking about phrases that have caught on but make me want to gouge out my eardrums. Meet me there and tell me what phrases make you twitchy.


  1. Since I was a little girl I've heard, "If Gina thinks it, she's says it" or "Be careful what you say around motor mouth" aka "mouth of the south" And it's never b/c I had insightful, interesting things to say. It's b/c stupid shit falls out of my mouth. Nobody ever "gets me" when I think I'm being funny/clever. 43 years old and it's still happening.

    1. yes, when you hurt...I hurt. It's inexplicable!

  2. I love you said LIFE LIVERS!

    But then, well, I kinda like most of the fun things that you say. But you knew that already.

    1. LIFE LIVERS! Did you get my email last week about quoting your comment?


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