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Monday, October 21, 2013

Do Not Fear The Spray Tan!

For my big night, (That's What She Said show) I thought I would jazz myself up with a little spray tan.
I'll admit it- the first time I got a spray tan, I was terrified nervous.
Getting nekkid in front of someone other than my mister gave me heart palpitations. I mean, he is legally obligated but these women are innocent bystanders. 
Add in bright lights and my 36Longs, I was in full freakout mode.
Kristin and Karin at Bodi Bronze Sunless Spa were totally professional, patient, and forgiving kind.
Come along and I'll show you how easy peasy this sunless tan was...


  1. You kill me!! I'm bedazzled for sure. I've heard people talk about spray tans and what a shock it is when that cold stuff hits you. If I have to get nekkid in front of girls in their 20s...well then I'll just pass. :)

    1. The women who work at BB made my experience so easy peasy. They were so respectful and kind!

  2. Oh ma Lord have mercy! Next time, tell me to not drink coffee while watching one of your vids. :)

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