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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

On Saturday night, a dream came true.
No, my kitchen faucet didn't produce wine.
No, chocolate was not declared health food.
Remember when I told you about a little dream my friends and I had called, "That's What She Said?" We took our daydream to the stage and with some of the most amazing women on the planet, our show took flight. 
Photo credit Darrell Hoemann
I am still in a daze and will share every stinkin' detail soon. I just wanted to check in, assure you that I am still here, and say "thank you." 
Thank you to Krannert Center for believing in us and giving us our dream venue.
Thank you to Christie Clinic for being our lead sponsor and giving us more support than we could have dreamed for.
Thank you to all of the sponsors that called and said, "How can we help?"
Thank you to the speakers who came by trains, planes and automobiles to share the stage with us.
Thank you to everyone who brought us food, sent us encouraging notes, spread the word and especially, thank you to every person in the audience.
Darrell Hoemann at the News-Gazette took some amazing shots of our big night. Check them out HERE!

I'm also In The Powder Room today talking BREAKING BAD!


  1. Girl, you look great! Were you the ringleader of the bunch? How exciting to see you center stage!

    1. Oh, Miss Kitty! THANK YOU! I did this with two of my girlfriends...check it out-


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