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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Lice Scare of 2013

Lice. It's the word that strikes fear in every mother's heart. It's the word we dread. 
Please, Lawd, don't let it be lice.
Your girl scratches her head during a soccer match? DON'T LET IT BE LICE!
You feel a little tickle at the back of your head? DON'T LET IT BE LICE!
You hear that someone in a neighboring town has it? DON'T LET IT BE LICE!
I take worrying and obsessing to a new level. I don't just worry that we will be struck down, I am convinced we have it. 
Every single time I hear a lice story, I totally freak my freak.
When someone I know gets lice, I want to send them a condolence fruit basket or a sympathy plant. "I am so sorry for what you are going through." (That wouldn't be weird at all!) 
If you know someone who is battling lice, be kind. If they actually leave the lockdown of their house for more ammunition, you will see that they haven't slept, they are still in their pajamas and might be muttering, "must boil the sheets, must bleach the walls, must shave their heads, must..." The glazed look of crazy in their eye will fade with time, but the fear will never leave them. 
The frightening truth is: no matter who you are, there is nothing you can do if the lice army decides to invade.
We avoided the bullet this time, but my pediatrician's words will forever haunt me. "There are kids who haven't had lice and kids who haven't had lice yet."
I'm In The Powder Room today talking about the lice scare of 2013. Please come hold my hand. 


  1. Head Lice are threat to all. Prevention is key especially for school age children. Teach your kids about lice prevention, keep hair tied back, don't share hats, helmets, etc., use a mint based prevention spray daily, get a good metal lice comb, comb weekly and if lice or nits are found get treatment early and tell those you have been in close contact.

  2. FWIW, I made it through all 18 years of childhood without experiencing lice, so it does happen. Who knows if I'll be lucky enough to get through parenthood too, but I currently like to keep my hair under an inch in length which has to make treatment easier. I do have a rather long goatee, though.

    Now that you mention it, my head is a bit itchy right now...

    1. I taught for 18 years without a bug to be found. It's a miracle!

  3. Sorry about the "unknown". Don't know why/how that happened. I'm imnotinfectious. :-)


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