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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Backstage of That's What She Said!

I don't know about you, but I always love to see the behind the scenes of everything. Behind the scenes of movies, shows, remodels, and everyday life. 
I'm nosy like that. 
After the That's What She Said show, I shared official photos like this:
Today, I am sharing the behind the scenes photos. (Photo credits to Jen Cochrane and Karyl Wackerlin) 
If you are like me and wondered what was going on behind the scenes, here is a lookiloo. 
This is why I love these women so hard. (Find out more about the speakers HERE) As much as I loved seeing them brave the stage and share their stories- the best part for me was yukking it up and getting to know them behind the scenes. 
Knepper in a nutshell
Mrs. Ewing and Angela Shelton Kail (Angela's face? Why is she looking at me like that?)
The young blood of the show, cutiedoodle Peyton Stewart
I couldn't stop kissing Angela's baby bad!

Val was truly the wind beneath our wings. As our "dramaturg," she kept our shenanigans in order!

Casey is unimpressed by Jill's enthusiasm!
Our technical mastermind, graphic designer extraordinaire, Anni Poppen.
Channeling my inner Mary Katherine Gallagher- "Sometimes, when I get nervous..."
Dr. Love bringing the big love!
Putting up with us Growing a baby is exhausting...Angela catches a catnap during rehearsal. 
This is me pretending to understand choir talk.
Keesha and Knepper share a moment...
Final instructions...we look terrified. Oh, wait. We were terrified.
Someone captured a rare schmoopy moment between sho-conspirators. Embarrassed, we promptly called each other names. 
Youse threw some last minute changes at me. I love surprises (NOT!) as you can see by the look on my face. 
This is possibly the best picture ever taken. 
Time to get our purdy on!
Let the crazy begin!
Of all the wonderful moments surrounding the show, this moment melted my heart. One of our greatest inspirations, Mrs. Ruth Latham wished us luck. "We bow before you!"
Wedgie alert...
All was going fine until...
Youse had a bout of the nervous toots!
The Brownings were the choir gurus of the show!
As the show neared, each of us took a peek at the crowd. My knees buckled but it was encouraging to see so many smiling, loving faces looking back at us.
Let's do this...
This show was dedicated to women and to the power of their friendships. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm In The Powder Room today sharing some inappropriate tales of friendship.


  1. Thank you for putting this together. This show is the gift that keeps on giving. Mwah!

    1. I can't wait to get the videos so I can relive the experience on an obsessive level. THANK YOU for being a part of the show!

  2. We were so excited to see all of you! I'm looking forward to reading about the Haiti trip.

    1. Thank you, Jean! We are having so much fun planning the next show and the Haiti trip! (Mark your calendar now and plan on staying afterward!)

  3. You are so pretty, and I wish I could have been there to just give you all hugs and be the psycho lady wildly cheering in the front row. So proud of you gals for doing this. Keep being an inspiration and rocking my world! (also, the caption above Nicole's head in that open-leg pic was fantastic.)

    1. Thanks, Mer! You better plan on a road trip next year- we love screaming ladies in the crowd! Isn't that picture the best? Ninja's face? I died!

  4. I wish I had been a part of this night, so thank you for showing the pictures. You are a force of nature woman. xoxo Ellen

    1. You were part of it- note my necklace/good luck charm. I love you guys!

  5. Sigh. Now I wish I could see that show even MORE! You had this *and* LTYM? Wow, you are one lucky lady. :)

    1. I am a lucky lady, indeed. These women rocked my socks! I was in a LTYM show in NW Indiana and this show was my baby in Illinois. Plan your road trip for 2014! Thanks, Stephanie!

  6. SO IMPRESSED BY ALL YOU DO!!!! xoxoxoxxoxo when will we get to see the videos?

    1. Right back at ya, Erin! We are waiting very impatiently for the video! MWAH!


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