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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Checkered Moon To The Rescue!

I know, I know. December is the month of Crazyland. Gifts, caroling, parties, cards, decorating, and baking. In the midst of all of that, there is still the laundry, dishes, bills, carpooling and homework. 
I'm here for you. More accurately, Checkered Moon is here for you. 
Need decorating help? Need decorating eye candy? Checkered Moon to the rescue!
 How much do I love all of this navy and green? 
 Need a stocking stuffer or just a great candle to mask the wet dog smell in your (my) house? Checkered Moon to the rescue!
 Need holiday dishes? Checkered Moon to the rescue!

 Need a gift for your funny friend? Checkered Moon to the rescue!
 Need to decorate your mantle? Checkered Moon to the rescue!
 Need something fancy for a holiday par-taaay? 
Checkered Moon to the rescue!

(Need a gift for me? Yes, please!)
 Need a gift for the widdle ones in your life? 
Checkered Moon to the rescue!

 Need a reward for battling Crazyland? 
Checkered Moon to the rescue! 
(Best caramels ever!)
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  1. I could SO see you wearing that green shirt and looking fabulous, as always.

    1. I MUST HAVE IT! Maybe, my husband will get the clue when I keep sending him this post?

  2. I love it and I can see you in each of those outfits and see my house filled with all of their things.

    1. Thank you, Jessica! You would love CM- your house and CM are a match made in Heaven!

    2. Those Sea Salt Caramels are ridiculous!!! Tracy Sholem gave them to me as a gift that B****!!! Ive been back 3 times since for more!! and I don't mean the singles on the counter! Dang it!! :-)

    3. Forget the single caramels! That's like giving a whale a tic-tac- GIVE ME THE BOX!


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