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Friday, December 13, 2013

House For Sale!

Remember my long suffering real estate agent, Steve Fox? The agent that shows amazing patience as he shows us 3,459 houses per year. The agent that never shows frustration when the house "just isn't quite right for me and my special snowflakes."
Finding a patient, trustworthy and wise real estate agent is so important. 
One of the greatest things (besides  battling my long checklist!) that Steve does is flip houses. He sees the potential in houses and he transforms them. During this economy, he sees the need for mid-priced homes in our community. 
Here is his latest renovation. This is a great 3 bedroom, 2 bath house that is in a family friendly neighborhood. Click here for more details.
Steve understands that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Every renovation that he has done includes a gorgeous, updated kitchen. 

This home has 2 updated bathrooms. The master has a walk-in shower.
I love houses. Every house has a history and a story to tell. It makes me sad when I see a house that is missing TLC. I am so grateful that Steve sees these houses, renovates them, and makes them ready for a new family, a new story.
If you are looking for a home to hold your stories, I highly recommend the most patient agent on the planet, Steve Fox.


  1. This less than half a mile from my childhood home! I haven't lived there since the mid 80's, but I recognized the area immediately. LOVE!

    1. NO WAY! I love hearing these stories! What street did you grow up on?

  2. I honestly thought I was looking at a wooden freezer for a minute there...

    1. THAT would be an interesting feature! Thanks, Jenn!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, but this house is too far from mine. I'll find you one much closer so I can borrow milk...or booze.

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