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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Full Monty...That's What She Said

Deep breaths. 
It's time to share the videos from That's What She Said.
I feel like I am about to stand naked (or, "nekkid" as I like to say!) before you. Considering that my piece was titled, "Naked On Healey Street," it seems fitting.
To bare your booty soul, you need a tribe, team, posse, community, soul sisters, whatever. For the That's What She Said Show, we had the posse of a lifetime. 
Thank you to Krannert Center and Christie Clinic for believing in us.
Thank you to my sho-conspirators.
Thank you to all of our sponsors that supported us.
Thank you to the hardworking folks behind the scenes.
Thank you to the brave, funny, and wicked-smart speakers.
Thank you to the audience.
Thank you to all the people that sent notes and words of "GO GET 'EM!" 
Thank you.

Stay tuned, we will be releasing individual speaker clips throughout the week!


  1. This is hilarious! You are one brave woman. Here's to flying the freak flag!

    1. Here's to flying our freak flags! Clink, chug! Thanks, MM!

  2. You know what I love about you MOST? You talk like me! Midwest accents, UNITE!

    1. Hillbilly Solidarity! If there is anything about me that is like you, I am a lucky girl! Thanks, Kirbs!

  3. That was such a great night. You have no reason to feel nervous. I'm sure everyone behind the glow of their computer will connected with the stories as much as people did in that theater.
    Have I mentioned the shoes yet? I hope the videos capture the beauty of those shoes too.

    1. Oh, the shoes! Despite my non-girly tendencies, I felt like Cinderella in those shoes! I am still so touched that you and your pal came. THANK YOU!

  4. You are such a talented performer! And the whole show was excellent, from start to finish.

  5. Hi Kerry!!!


    All of you are awesome and brave!!! Watching this video brought out a lot of memories that weren't great to remember. Some have said I should write a book about what I've gone thru,
    but doing it would only bring out the sword again. I locked it up and I don't want to see it again!!

    You all are great with turning what's happened into a positive and that's what we all need to do. I really enjoyed the video very much!!!!

    Thank you Kerry and Company!!!!


    1. Oh, Pam. It's time to remove that sword, honey. Scroll down and click on Angela Shelton's banner. Do it today. Big love to you.

  6. I love you, with or without clothes. Good thing, too, because I pictured you nude the entire time you were speaking. Rawr.

    Here's to freak flags and incredible speakers! Bravo!

    1. Fly that freak flag, Amy! You better be there next year. Thank you!


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