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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bad Fireplace, A Great Friend & A Good Book

When I moved into this house sixteen years ago a few years ago, I vowed to remove the fireplace surround. 
Life happened and I got distracted like a kitten with a shiny object. 
I stopped noticing the surround until  a friend offered, "You know, you can just pop that fireplace surround off. It would look so much better." 
What fireplace surround? Oh, wait...
Last Friday night, I sent a text to a friend that looked a little something like this:
"Please tell me that I am not the only person home on Friday jammies? Will you help me remove my fireplace thing-a-ma-jig?"
My loyal pal, designer extraordinaire Karen, knew that this text was code for:
"I'm in my jammies and enjoying a cocktail. Will you come remove my fireplace thingy for me?"
She grabbed her handy dandy toolbox and came to my rescue. She and my daughter worked together, battling the dust bunnies and the ashes, to remove the fireplace thingy! 
Meanwhile, I mixed drinks and said helpful things like, "Do you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate better?"

                             Our dog, the great photo-bomber!

Thank you to Michele from  The Great Read  for sending me this amazing book about Dr. Paul Farmer!

Snow is falling outside and I am dreaming of curling up and reading more than two sentences before I hear, 
"MOOOOOM! He touched me!" or "Where is the refrigerator?" or "Can you wipe my bottom?"

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How To Argue With Your Spouse

We all have patterns of behavior. Some work for us and some don't.
Are you a yeller? An eye roller? A hand holder?
Meet me In The Powder Room today to dish about spouse "disagreements." There is a lot of rubbish out there on the subject and I am here to help. You're welcome. 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Favorite Oscar Moments

Most years, I watch the Musical Theatre Oscars in a fog of cluelessness. While I love movies, most of the movies I see are G rated and include animated, talking animals. 
Not this year, dagnabbit. 
With the hope of catching a glimpse of some topless Ben Affleck or Bradley Cooper, I watched Argo and Silver Linings Playbook. 
I know why Argo won and Silver Linings Playbook didn't. Ben showed a little skin and Bradley went all shy. (Read all about that HERE!)
Here are my top 5 moments from Oscars 2013:
Paige Kellerman whipped up this hilarious meme.
1. No one gives the stink-eye like Tommy Lee Jones. 
2. Kristen Stewart limped onto the stage with sex hair and "I give zero f**k" attitude.
3. Poor Renee Zellweger lost her eyes. Bless her heart.
4. It's all fun and games until Anne Hathaway pokes an eye out with her...

5. Ben Affleck, "Best Non Grudge Holder" of the year.
When the planning committee for Oscars 2014 calls me, I will give them 2 tips.
1. Lose the Jaws "wrap it up" music. 
2. Please- for the love of all things holy, let Amy and Tina host. 
It's your turn- what was your favorite Oscar moment?

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Silver Linings Playbook Won't Win

Most of the movies I watch look like this:
                                                                               Source: via Rhonda on Pinterest

When my pals and I heard that there was a love story with Bradley Cooper, we were all:
I mean, come on!
                                                               Source: via GabzRobz on Pinterest

Am I right or am I right? See how he looks at me??

So...with a sparkle in my eye and a hop in my step, I watched Silver Linings Playbook
Yes, it was perfectly cast. 
Yes, it was a beautiful story.
Yes, it was amazing.
Yes, the acting was superb.
But, I was all:
We got a whole lot of Brad (he likes it when I call him that) in a garbage bag:

Yes, he does make a garbage bag look good. 
BUT! Where is all the:

I should be embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to find one stinkin' topless shot of Brad. It's research, people.
Not only did we see some hawt Jennifer Lawrence shots in the movie but there are endless amounts of sexy Jennifer Lawrence pictures available online. I checked. Again, research.
                                                                    Source: via Alaina on Pinterest

Why so shy, Brad? 
If Silver Linings Playbook tanks at the Oscars, you have only yourself to blame. 
I will be here to comfort you. Leave that garbage bag at home, though.
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Are You The Parent You Thought You Would Be?

I really thought I would be the cool mom.
I thought I would let my kids watch whatever they wanted. Ratings be da**ed! 
We would watch MTV together. 
My children would pick out their own clothing and I would never roll my eyes at sparkles.
I would never use the dreaded word...inappropriate. 
Yet, here I am. I am the parole officer of all things inappropriate.
Meet me In The Powder Room today and chime in. 
Are you the parent you thought you would be?

                                                                          Source: via Katie on Pinterest
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'll Meet You At The Runner's Symposium!

An overflow crowd of nearly 150 runners attended the first Runners’ Symposium in 2012 – over three times as many as expected. The Christie Foundation will host the Second Annual event again in 2013, this time at a larger location: Champaign’s Hilton Garden Inn, in order to accommodate more speakers, attendees, and educational booths. The symposium was developed to help runners planning to compete in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, which will be held April 25 through 27, 2013.
The educational Foundation event will be held on Saturday, February 16 from 11AM-1PM. Avid and beginning runners – as well as those curious about taking up running – are encouraged to attend. Food and drinks will be served, with door prizes.
The event will feature an array of educational and hands-on booths for Body Mass Index, blood pressure, lung function testing, information on safe training techniques, nutrition and skin care tips. Door prizes have been donated by Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, Body & Sole, Campus Sportswear, Great Harvest Bread Company, Marathon and Beyond and Christie Clinic. All attendees will receive complimentary give-aways related to athletics and running.
Register for the symposium through the Christie Foundation website:
About the Christie Foundation: For over 30 years, the Christie Foundation has been a pioneer of medical knowledge, education, and medical services in east central Illinois. The Foundation offers scholarships to medical students, provides grants to health-related community organizations, and hosts educational seminars on a range of topics. For more information, see www.christie-
Topics include speakers presenting on the runner’s heart and lungs and common skin ailments for
runners. The medical panelists will tackle a variety of safety topics including common injuries and
their treatment and prevention, the runner’s foot and ankle, peak performance nutrition, and pain
management. Presenters and panelists include Dr. Abraham Kocheril, Dr. Andrew Kluesner, Dr.
Jeremy Youse, Dr. Stuart King, Dr. Denis Williams, and Dr. Sumuk Sundaram.

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Don't Be A Sports Whackadoodle!

I'm In The Powder Room today talking Sports Whackadoodles
If you have ever attended a sporting event, you are familiar with the Sports Whackadoodle. 
You know. The crazed, screaming, veins popping out, fan. 
Come on over and chime in. 

                                                     Source: via Kerry on Pinterest
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day #Bloggersdance LINK PARTY!

Bloggers Dance Party is BAAAAAAAACK! HouseTalkN hosted a summer dance series and we had so much fun getting our groove on that we brought it back for Valentine's Day.
(Click here to see our hawt summer moves!)
It all started here:

I hustled everyone out the door, tossed back some coffee and busted out THE HUMPTY DANCE! My dog is in the background, hanging his head in shame!
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I Have A Crush...On Checkered Moon!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I asked a few ladies to share their crush...from local shop Checkered Moon
I've said it before, and I'll say it one more time: Checkered Moon is one stop shop. 
Furniture, check!
Clothes, check! 
Jewelry, check! 
Baby gifts, check! 
Mommy gifts, check! 
Gag gifts, check! 
From big things to small things, you'll find everything your HEART desires at Checkered Moon!
Let's see what folks are crushin' on...
Teacher extraordinaire and new mom, Julie found a sweet widdle something for her sweet widdle baby!
How gorgeous is this turquoise piece that the Nurse Nancy has a crush on?
My moffice-mate, Jill has a crush on this sign! I think she is trying to tell me something. Thank you, Jill. You are beautiful, too.
The News-Gazette's At Home editor, Jodi has a big ole crush on this amazing green chair!
Amy, aka The Momologist, placed claim on this chic chair. 
A restraining order may or may not be needed to keep me away from this couch. I may or may not have drooled on it.
Shared crush!
A trip to Checkered Moon always involves shenanigans!

I'll meet you at Checkered Moon and we can swap crush stories!
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Scary Mommy, Public Breastfeeding & Giggles, OH MY!

I have written so many BoobTalkN posts, that I am officially the "Boob Whisperer!" I'm sharing my public breastfeeding thoughts with Scary Mommy today HERE. Come chime in but don't be a boob.
*You have been officially warned...language not appropriate for the humor impaired.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Dining Room Chairs...Before & After

You might recognize this dining room from this summer...HouseTalkN With Jeremy and Jill Youse.
This is the same house that hosts our local mom office, "The Moffice!"
Take a look at how the dining room chairs looked this summer:

The homeowner has decorating ADHD a love of color and gave her chairs a makeover!
She found the fabric she loved at local shop, Checkered Moon.

Chairs are a fun and easy way to change up your look in a hurry. I have changed out the fabric on my own dining room chairs 762 times.
How about you? Do you change fabric out or do you stick with the same old, same old?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Time To Dance, Y'all!

We had so much fun with the dance party last summer (#Bloggersdance), that we are bringing the sexy back for Valentine's Day! 
Get your groove on, film it, and link it up on Valentine's Day!

If you need some inspiration, click here and here for some hawt blogger moves!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Button Tufted Life Shares a House Tour!

Well, isn't this a red letter day!
Cynthia Weber in Niagara- on- the- Lake
 My name is Cynthia and I am thrilled to be over here at HouseTalkN today.
I love Kerry! I only know her from blogland but it seems to me that she has all the attributes of a great friend... funny, clever, creative and doesn't take herself to seriously... Perfect!
So as you can imagine I was getting out the jazz hands when she asked if I wanted to give a little house tour today!
I am a decorator, my husband and I run a custom interiors business together and we share all our projects, travels, entertaining ideas etc. over at our blog A Button Tufted Life...
12 Front Yard

This is our home that we designed and built a few years ago.
There is a story that goes with this house... Kent came home one day with an eight foot antique hoop top door... so we designed a house around it!
Yes, we are " those " kind of people.
I will show you around outside first...

from the flats
back patio
on our table 1
I could have shown you winter photos... but I thought a bit of summer might be more fun on a February morning!
Relaxing back here is nice. With large trees all around and the patio looking down on the gardens, it is a calming place to sit with friends and a glass of wine... or two.
Shall we go in?

living room
The door that started it all leads into the living room.
I like to use an collected eclectic style because that is who we are... the ottoman in this room is a piece that we made using antique legs and Ralph Lauren fabric. The rug is Angela Adams.
We will head up the stairs first and check out my studio...
studio 1
studio 2
I love working in this space. All of my samples easily on hand and a great table to sit with clients and play!
The little settee is a favorite piece of mine, it holds my invoices and letterhead.
Ok, Back downstairs now...
dining room
The living room leads into the dining room. It is country casual with linen slipcovered chairs and a mix of antiques and art.
Little chairs used as display on table
From the dining room we go into the open concept kitchen and family room.
This is where we spend most of our time.
kitchen 2
I wanted a unique kitchen, I made some sketches and worked with a cabinetmaker. Having the open shelving for uppers works well for us, we cook and entertain often and love the accessibility it offers... I also love displaying the shelves!
The island is made using an antique buffet as the base and a salvaged top. Kent refinished the top and added bracing underneath.
The bowl on the island is carved by Kent... he makes beautiful woodenware and folk art.
family room after
At the back of the house is the family room. Two transom doors lead out to the backyard patio from here.
We actually just finished the wainscoting project... paint may still be a little wet! (If you would like to see the before and after give a click.)
family room after 1
Would you perhaps like to see the master bedroom?
Here it is:
master bedroom
Master Bedroom details
Located off the kitchen ( handy for snacks and for when we are old!) our bedroom is an oasis for us.
I used an icy spa blue for walls and mixed it with steel grey and white.
We found this amazing clock (dated 1793) at an auction and didn't know where to go with it...
I think it works well in here although I did get a fright the first night when I woke up and thought there was a very large person staring down at me!
The sink base in the ensuite is a salvaged table, both side chairs were redone for the room and the little bench below the print is actually a child size buggy seat.

I think that just about wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed seeing our home, I certainly enjoyed showing it to you.
emmitt by the fire
Emmitt is our mini doxy and my media guru...
He suggests I include a few links in case you are interested in seeing what we get up to next or want help with your home projects... Blog , Pinerest, E-Design Packages,
Big thank you Kerry for letting me come play at Home TalkN today!!!

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