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Monday, January 6, 2014

Ayers Repairs Company To The Rescue!

It takes a village to keep the moffice running, yo. 
You might think it's all fun but when a furnace goes out or the dishwasher doesn't work, we freak our freak. 
Who you gonna call? AYERS REPAIRS!
Steve Ayers and his son are the angels that run Ayers Repairs Company. When my furnace doo-hickey thingy broke? I freaked my freak. Steve and son to the rescue!
They are appliance gurus- just name the appliance and they can fix it. 
More importantly, nothing shakes them. Not dogs, not crazy moffice-mates or freaking their freak homeowners. 

Steve pointed out that it is important to maintain your appliances so that you aren't in a pickle when it is -11. Oops, my bad. 
Even if you (like me!) call when you are in a pickle, Steve and his son will save your bacon...with a smile.
Keep warm, don't freak your freak and call Ayers Repairs if you are in a pickle.


  1. You have a way with words! I love the way your express yourself. You make me laugh:)


    1. My hillbilly speak comes out when I get excited! Thanks, Bonnie!

  2. Ayers makes everything work. Magically.

  3. Hi Kerry!!!!

    But, will they come to Vancouver?????

    And most important!!!!!!! Why do guys have better hair then some of us women? I would LOVE hair the Ayer sonny has!!!!! Even after I curl my hair, it goes flat in an hour.

    How's the weather were you call home?


    1. I might have to accompany them on this road trip!

  4. Nobody knows how long we need to ensure our investment in real estate. What is important to do is to monitor how the market runs to ensure that we can do whatever is necessary to keep our business successful.


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